HOLOVISION: A Life Size Hologram [Submitted by Hollywood Pictures Inc.]

Date: Jul 26, 2013

Hollywood Pictures Inc.
201 N. Occidental Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90026

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Kickstarter, Inc.
155 Rivington St.
New York, NY 10002

Re: HOLOVISION: A Life Size Hologram

Description of copyrighted material: To whom It may concern, Whomever owns or works for Kickstarter really needs to do a better job of actually reading and fact checking each new project that is green lite by Kickstarter themselves. It has come to my attention that an employee of Kickstarter is not proof reading each project that is being submitted by Kickstarter. We at Hollywood Pictures Inc have decided not to pursue legal action against Kickstarter since this is a warning to Kickstarter to start sling a better job of proof reading each project before being submitted since it seems like no one at Kickstarter cares about allowing scam artists post projects that violates several laws. The following movies that appear in the video of the link I provide has already violated several copyright infringement by showing several clips in the pitch video. It seems that the employees of Kickstarter are just accepting new scam projects without fact checking. Kickstarter can easily pocket the money from people that invest on a project that clearly violates several law's but Kickstarter is ok with that since if the project does get funded, then Kickstarter can collect the fees from the copyright infringement project that was allowed by Kickstarter. Please educate the employees of Kickstarter by having them actually do their jobs of proof reading and making sure no copyright infringement occurs. All of this could of been avoided if Kickstarter actually did their jobs correctly. Once again this letter we are writing to you is a warning and if this issue occurs again, our lawyers will pursue legal actions against Kickstarter for not properly doing their jobs as they have stated in the FAQ from Kickstarter website. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we at Hollywood Pictures Inc are expecting Kickstarter to actually do their jobs instead of allowing scam projects that clearly violates Kickstarter policies and copyright infringement laws as well. Please scroll down as we have pointed out the many copyright infringements that appear in the project link above since the employees of Kickstarter has failed to read/watch before allowing the project to be green lit by Kickstarter themselves. Please do a better job by training your employees to not allow these several copyright infringements appearing in the project link above where the project leader attached a video that has not been cleared by us but was cleared by Kickstarter. Sincerely, Neal Gabler Hollywood Movie Pictures Inc. 1:36 StarTrek 1:38 Back to the Future 1:42 Fringe (Last Season) 1:46 Avatar 1:50 StarWars 1:54 StarTrek 1:58 Minority Report 2:00 IronMan 2:12 Tron 2:16 Minority Report 2:18 Prometheus

Description of infringing material: To whom it may concern, This project has been using several of Hollywood Pictures copyrighted material in the video located on the front page of this scam Kickstarter site. They are violating criminal code title 17 and 22 of the U.S. copyright infringement.