Understanding Disputed Charges

Most issuers of credit and debit cards allow people to dispute charges that appear on their accounts. It’s a form of consumer protection called a chargeback: if a charge was fraudulent, made in error, or a store sends you a defective item, you can ask your card issuer to have the payment reversed.

It’s very unusual to see backers do this with their pledges to Kickstarter projects. (Kickstarter is not a store, and backers understand they’re supporting a creative process, not just ordering a product.) But if a chargeback arrives, we can help you resolve the issue, quickly and easily.

  • All chargebacks are reported directly to Kickstarter’s Trust & Safety team. We investigate each one to determine the source of the dispute.

  • When we find reports of fraudulent pledging on someone’s card, we handle the situation entirely on our end, and assume financial responsibility.

  • If there’s a dispute over the details of a reward or delivery, we can help with that, too. We’ll send you an email notification to let you know what’s happening. From there, you can head straight to a special tab in your Backer Report — where you’ll find a summary of the issue, and a space to provide us with more information. We’ll use the information you provide to represent the charge to the card issuer, and work directly with them to explain your case and resolve the issue.

That way, you can worry about creating something great — not arguing with a credit-card company over tracking numbers.