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What’s popular

Kachula 2.0- The Packable Multi-Use Adventure Blanket

Waterproof, Packable and Versatile. The Kachula is the ultimate adventure blanket.

Project We Love
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Steinholt - a photography book - a family history in Iceland

Photobook from north-east Iceland about my wife's paternal family history set in a beautiful but challenging environment.

Project We Love
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MINE Anthology

A comics, art and illustration anthology in support of reproductive rights in Ireland. #RepealThe8th

New & Noteworthy

Project We Love
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Monsters - Printed edition Italian/English.

A collections of stories about monsters, the real ones we can bump into on the streets, and we often cannot even recognize.

Project We Love
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Earthsong, Volumes 1-5

12 years, 500+ pages, 5 volumes, and 1 kickstarter to bring the entirety of this epic webcomic to print!

Project We Love
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Clorofille, Grow Your Passion

Experiment different uses of plants with our boxes: grow soap, colours, gourmet flowers or cocktails on your balcony!