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Explore 9 live projects

  • Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

    Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is an action/adventure game with a unique survival twist.

  • Tesla vs Cthulhu: The Siege of Arkham - A Novel

    The first novel in the Tesla vs Cthulhu universe! Tesla and West must face Cthulhu and a cult bent on destroying Arkham and the world!


    A ghoulish tale of a young zombie outcast living in an average world... finally discovering that its cool to be weird and different!

  • Obscura: Collected Edition

    A savage collection of pulp horror and other weird tales! 152 pages of totally unique dark stories await you! Collects Obscura # 1-4.

  • Undead or Alive volume 1 by Steve Bryant and Jason Millet

    Supernatural bounty hunters investigate the mysterious swamp creature of Gerber's Crossing, Louisiana. 80-pg full-color trade paperback

  • Deluxe V20 Lore of the Clans

    Contribute to help give the Deluxe V20 Lore of the Clans an embossed+, bookmarked, full-color, unique deluxe treatment.

  • Victor's Horror Compendium

    A volume of chilling new horror stories running the gamut from film noir to abstract, gothic and everything in between.

  • Zombie Army

    Zombie Army is a bloody card game for all those who want to kick some zombie ass.

  • Ghoul on a Stool™ Children's Halloween Book and Ghoul Doll

    Ghoul on a Stool™ is a story about a mischievous, candy making ghoul who teaches kids to be kind and to do a good deed everyday.

  • FUBAR: By The Sword

    FUBAR: By The Sword spreads throughout ALL of world history in this next installment of the historical zombie anthology FUBAR.

  • Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios

    Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!

  • "Night of the Living Deb" – a feature film

    A zombie comedy with guts, brains, heart ... and Deb.

  • Boxhead - An Animated Horror Film.

    Some Nightmares Breathe.


    Stalingrad. 1943. One baby. One rifle. Two million zombies. FUBAR PRESS's first stand alone graphic novel: MOTHER RUSSIA.

  • Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville

    It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android.

  • BEAST: the Icelandic feature film "Beauty and the Beast"

    Thor Björnsson (THE MOUNTAIN from Game of Thrones) stars in this darker take on the classic fairy tale. Shot entirely in Iceland.

  • The Dead Roots Comic Anthology

    Help us to print our four-part (200+ finished page) shared-world zombie comic anthology, featuring top talent from TV, film and comics!

  • Buzzard: The Video Game

    We're going to make a badass 8-bit video game based on our badass feature film, BUZZARD.

  • Night of the Dead 2

    A free to play cooperative survival game available on the Starcraft II Arcade (no Starcraft II purchase necessary).

  • Fear The Living RPG

    The world you knew is gone, consumed by the hungry dead. This is the story of what happens next.