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  • A thriller and a love story, I'm looking to bring my 2nd novel into the 'realm of the real' with a limited edition paperback print run.

  • Practically all of the original Dungeons & Dragons artwork that I did during my time at TSR Hobbies was destroyed. Let's bring it back!

  • Sip This is a cafe driven by community, art, poetry, music, & loyal customers. WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue to serve & expand.

  • A short film about the new kid in school learning that standing out is better than fitting in.

  • Music at St. Anne's wishes to continue our 5th annual Christmas orchestra and choir concert on Dec. 11th, but we've lost our funding!

  • A piece about Alice and Jeremy. How they fell in and out of love. How they ate each other, carried each other, and left each other.

  • This is a unique album with world renowned musicians, exploring the sensuality of tango and the passion of fado.

  • The first recording from the viola duo that cuts to the heart of music: from the blues to Babbit, from Mahler to jazz to microtonality.

  • Dont Fear The Beard, Embrace the Face! Feel the Fuzz!!

  • A book about 46 years of building community through basketball, written by folks who have been a part of the tradition.

  • A product created with a purpose.

  • Pocket change turned into a beautiful, hand crafted coin ring. State quarters carefully formed and polished into a gorgeous ring.

  • Kær Danish design t-shirts: natural beauty made to be worn and washed again and again and again...

  • A JRPG style game that tells a deep and rich story about the Dream... and those who dare to do so!

  • Gowanus Wild is a photo series exploring nature and wilderness in the notoriously polluted Gowanus Canal neighborhood of Brooklyn.

  • You won’t know it’s there, but everyone else will. Ultralight Filament Wound Carbon Fiber ring by ElementRings.

  • 12 incredibly useful and rewarding Raspberry Pi tools and solutions for Tinkerers and Makers of any age and experience

  • An innovative and fun card game to help kids improve their math skills. Built for kids by a kid.

  • Show off your ranged attack damage in style. These Bullseye dice will reflect your character's marksmanship in a unique way!

  • Starships, spellcasters, mystery, and intrigue! The Aethera Campaign Setting is a Pathfinder RPG compatible science-fantasy experience!