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  • Imperial Nova II: The Dogs of War

    Filming the cinematic trailer and prologue for the upcoming novel: Imperial Nova II: The Dogs of War by Rory Joscelyne!

  • Grandpop's Hops Farm

    We are a family based farm focused on providing Ohio with fresh, naturally grown hops. We take pride in our farming & cloning practices

  • Jatoba Last Man Standing

    Jatoba has returned to the studio to complete their third album filled with fresh energy and new tunes. Help fund the album today!

  • Sim Hero v2.0

    An RPG/Simulation game where you manage groups of adventurers & send them into dungeons. A cross between an 8-bit RPG & a Sports-Sim.

  • Far Out vol.2

    Help us create and bring to life the second volume of our Far Out sci-fi western series!

  • Help Jingo get heard

    We're making a new EP and want to ensure it gets heard by as many music professionals as possible. This campaign will be a first for us

  • "Insecurities: The Musical" + "Variety Week"

    Variety Show becomes VARIETY WEEK || The premier of INSECURITIES: THE MUSICAL

  • Sorry For Your Loss

    A story about friendship and loss. Sometimes people don't handle grief the way you expect them to. And sometimes it's not about you.

  • Run Wild

    Run Wild is a short film about the redemption of a man, in what may be the final moments of his life.

  • Dungeon Desk Pad

    A premium A3 Desk Pad custom printed for tabletop game adventure creation. Also ideal as a general Desk Pad for notes and sketches.

  • Tinderella: A Modern Look at Dating

    Our documentary follows several people using Tinder, the online dating app, which can be used to spark relationships or burn them down.

  • Titan U: Storm Preparedness Training Films & Web Experience

    A series of videos alongside interactive web content designed to raise awareness and education on severe weather and its threats.

  • New solo album from Melissa Carper called Arkansas Bound

    I will be recording my first solo album, mostly originals, accompanied by Rebecca Patek on fiddle and vocals, and other friends!

  • The Pancake Printer

    This machine prints pancakes in shapes drawn on a touchscreen. This version works well but we hope to 3D print it with these earnings.

  • American Originals - Playing Cards

    A playing card series presented by the Montague Collection® inspired by great Black Inventors with artwork by Josh Kennedy.

  • Mobile launcher Apollo Saturn model kit

    The ultimate way to display your Saturn V rocket model kit. Mobile launcher Apollo Saturn model kit in 3 different scales!

  • 2nd Annual New Roc Capoeira Batizado-2015

    A FREE cultural event to celebrate the beauty of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art form on Sat, Apr 11@2:00pm.

  • The Crooked Ewe Mug Club

    We are pre-selling our mug club membership to give back to our fans the support you've shown us.

  • Lanikai Brewing Company - Brewery located in Kailua, Hawaii

    Lanikai Brewing Company - creating craft beer incorporating island-inspired ingredients.

  • Maryland Wind Festival Funding Campaign

    Help support the 2015 INAUGURAL SEASON of a chamber music festival taking place in Frederick, Maryland!