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  • Emerald Knight Cupcakes and Comics

    Emerald Knight Cupcakes and Comics is a two in one store that offers a cupcake shop with a comic shop for the whole family.

  • Of Bolts and Nuts

    My crew and I, Man Down Production, are making a cyberpunk, film noir short film for the summer and props are a must.

  • Living the cosplayer dream

    I'm obsessed with cosplaying! I want to make C.C from Code Geass for the next convention I'm going to; however, I have no cash :(

  • Propulsion in Vacuum Experiment to Debunk/Prove Space Travel

    I'm sick of wondering aren't you? How do rockets move in space if it is a complete vacuum?... hmmm!! LETS SEE!

  • 1-2-3 let it be music

    I have always loved Music, now i want to give something back. My own Music to the world, but before that, i need some help :)

  • Frinks

    The easy way to organize your Friday drinks.

  • My First Single

    I need your help in creating my Debut single with Jordan "Infinity" Suecof.


    A definite game changer as far as the way hip hop music is created. My music is specifically designed to "open your eyes"

  • Face: The World

    Picture a global network of people from all parts of the world. Connecting them is their portrait, their story. Help their story live

  • Forever English

    Raising money for proof-reading of my current series of books currently 3 books long as still growing

  • "When You Are Old"

    Based on the poem, "When You Are Old," by W.B. Yeats, our film crew is looking to do a modern adaptation about love and loss. #cordmn

  • Put Yourself in a Child's Book - www.messageinabottlebook

    Our third book in the series - a kid's book designed to help children connect with parents through writing messages of love & legacy.

  • Breakfast on Wheels - BapVan

    The City of London's very own fleet of mobile Breakfast Vans delivering food in 30 minutes wherever you are within the square mile!!

  • VIRAL | Virality made fun, easier, faster

    An app with a unique sharing process that allows posts, images, videos and links to go viral in record time.

  • The Thrill of the Chase, A Search for Treasure

    Forrest Fenn is an art collector, and former Santa Fe gallery owner in his 80's. He hid what could be 3 million dollars in the Rocky's.

  • A Stroll Through Central Park

    A short film about a Wall Street broker's journey as he attempts to reconnect with his humanity

  • The Ad-Lib Story Project

    Stories where the beginning, middle and ending are by three different writers. Start a story and look forward to reading how it ends.

  • Tibz

    I'm trying something new. and I can use your help.

  • Dream Awake hits the studio!

    Dream Awake is going to the studio to record our first EP! We need help to spread the word and raise money to continue our outreach.

  • Spooky Ghost Vinyl Sticker

    Help print some spooky ghost stickers, and get some stickers, a print, and a t-shirt