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  • By the River

    By the River is 44" X 68" Painting on Silk with Ink Colors and Gold Leaf, by the Artist Onnik H.

  • The New DC Hip Hop Album

    We are creating an Album that represents the more alternative creative side of Washington DC Hip Hop music with help from you!

  • Tin Can

    An end of the world Action short based around a group of lost boys. They run out of their last Tin Can. Peter, their shield, Heads out.

  • The GEHENNA Project

    The GEHENNA Project is an Indie full feature horror/thriller film. It takes a radically new approach to horror films.

  • the HuncHBack Stand for your mobile devices

    Mobile device stand Made in the USA- Hands-free, ergonomic use of your iPhone, Android, iPad, or tablet, at it's best!

  • Life Prescriptions

    A challenge to the tradition of the prescription pad with a pen pal-style project designed for sharing life lessons & words of wisdom

  • Pi Art: Beautiful Simplicity

    Happy Pi Day! Exploring the beautiful world of Pi through simple artwork.

  • Noggin

    Noggin is a handmade 3D stop motion in which two contrasting characters have to jointly overcome a very modern problem...

  • Sucker Creations that are organic, vegan and Gluten free

    Creating unusual flavored organic suckers to sell at farmers markets and a food truck until our location is rebuilt.

  • Happy Valley Farm

    Unbelievably freshly organically grown produce, Grown harvested and sold here.

  • Safe Crate

    Safe crate is designed to free your pet from any crate , pen , or doggy door when smoke / fire and or carbon monoxide is detected..

  • CaseBeatz Audio enhancing case for iPhone 5/5s, 6 & Galaxy 5

    CaseBeatz! The first & only phone case to bring you forward facing, rich, clean, louder sounding audio to your iPhone 5/5s 6 & Galaxy 5

  • Fleet Battles, Card Game

    Fleet Battles: A fun and exciting card game where players command a fleet of ships and wage war on the high seas!

  • (Re)define, prioritize & plan the meaningful with Gerundivum

    (Re)define, prioritize, plan and achieve what's really important in life with Gerundivum!

  • Calabash Express Catering, Dine-in, Take Out & Delivery

    Calabash Express is an African ethnic cuisine that offers both traditional and contemporary dishes to Non-Africans and Africans

  • Paci-Pal Snuggle Bug

    Paci-Pal Snuggle Bug - The cute, cuddly, go-anywhere, blanket and companion. It's clean, convenient and cute!

  • Yibáro CD

    Después de 4 años de trayectoria y un exitoso sencillo, nos encontramos en proceso de grabar un disco y necesitamos TÚ ayuda para esto.

  • Ape Planet Magazine - Planet of the Apes, a Phenomenon

    APES WILL RULE! Planet of the Apes is classic Science Fiction - Help us bring it to the world covering the classic and the new!

  • Cafe Quattro: Round 2

    We are trying one more time to help cover the cost of new equipment and moving into our amazing new space!

  • Rat Park - The Documentary

    A documentary based off the Rat Park Experiments The aim is to understand drug abuse.