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  • Tropes Against Men in Video Games

    In this video series, RealityCheckpoint will explore Thirteen common and recurring stereotypes of male characters in video games.

  • Social Polling App - askwhich1

    askwhich1 is a crowd-sourced decision making social platform that’s a little like a fusion of Instagram and SurveyMonkey.


    Space. It's a podcast set in space. The final frontier. So we named it Frontier. Drink in the originality.

  • Harrison Ford Marathon

    I've never seen any of Harrison Ford's movies. I'm raising money to acquire the movies, marathon them, and document the experience.

  • KIKI-Titanium Micro Bottle Opener

    Convenient, compact and cool! Light and durable material!

  • Of Love, Hate and Everything in Between (act 2)

    Hi, I'm Dave and I need your help to create the second act of my "Of Love, Hate and Everything in Between"

  • R2 DTour T-Shirt

    The Dark Side can generate some serious High Voltage, but this tour shirt commemorates how our music left them Thunderstruck.

  • Be Loved

    A Christian Minister marries a prostitute. Can he forgive her unfaithfulness? How far will love go to forgive what you can't forget?

  • AskLearnVote

    Use Interactive Video to hear candidate's general views and ask issues questions to hear the answer in the candidate's own words.

  • Heliosphere Jr. Lands in Arizona!

    This cosmic cast of characters takes you on a journey through the solar system in search of their missing model of the Heliosphere.

  • The Mars Aerial Rover

    OpenRobotix Labs plans to build the first UAV (drone) capable of sustained flight at low light and atmospheric density levels.

  • Soccer - For the Love of the Game

    A hardcover Photo Essay Book that captures the amazing action, emotions and colors from the soccer game arena.

  • Ready Now- Laura Sisskin's Debut EP

    Songs were written. A journey unfolded. Lessons were learned. Now I'm here to record it. Help me.

  • 3$ Art for you !

    Watch your ideas turn into some unique art !

  • Happy Minds Move Mountains

    This project teaches people to ignite their passion for life by breaking through barriers for personal and business transformation.

  • Curvy Riderz Gear - Motorcycle Gear for Women

    More and more women are riding bikes. We are an apparel line for women of all sizes. Curvy Riderz Gear is sexy and safe on 2 wheels.

  • SoundRunner

    Load up your favorite song, see if you can beat the level it turns into.

  • Climate Change Heroes - Biographies and Solutions

    The nation's most interesting and influential climate change experts featured in uplifting, inspiring, solutions-oriented text.

  • Alien Prisoner

    A classic side scrolling platformer with the typical platformer in mind, think Sonic / Super Mario / Crash Bandicoot!

  • survive jail

    survive jail will be a game based in a few different jails. hand craft weapons, snitch, murder, or behave, you chose how you stay!