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  • Ecelugich ("Ice Luggage")

    Ecelugich introduces myriads of unique colors and design.

  • Get Action, Go! -- A new animated cartoon!

    I created an awesome new cartoon. It currently exists as animation and storyboards. I need your help to finish the pilot episode!

  • hand made, unique woolen rugs for your home.

    I am an owner of one-man company Artefakt Rugs creating unique woolen rugs. Each of them can be made based on any design you want!

  • What Arose Such A Clatter

    What Arose Such A Clatter is a dramatic story about two criminals trying to make ends meet during the holidays.

  • The Devil's Double Sequel

    The Devils Double Sequel to be made & produced by fans worldwide. Based on real events written in the true life story of Latif Yahia

  • Third Finger Co.

    Third Finger Co. is all about helping you express yourself, whether you want to say "way to go", or tell them where to go.

  • Men Can't Fly

    Three drunk, young adults get more than they bargained for when they find what they believe to be a dead man in the park,

  • Clutch for Men

    Clutch is a men's consumer goods brand. Our vision is to affordably enhance self-confidence through premier, scented home-products.

  • The Chaz Lipp Groove Tripp - Jazz Album ft. Sanjaya Malakar

    When Chaz's sultry saxophone melds with Sanjaya's silky vocals, the results positively sizzle. Fresh takes on jazz standards.

  • The RE-Creation Project (TRP) Issue 1 Print Run

    Inter-dimensional beings invade Earth and humanity's only hope is a former rapper who comes into the Knowledge of Self that he is God.

  • Conner Brown's 1st feature length film

    I'm a young filmmaker with a dream of 1 day directing hollywood hits. I'm taking my 1st step by making my 1st movie on my own budget

  • The Hero's Awakening

    HI I'm writing a book about these three teens and their journey through high school I'm practically done all I need is the funding


    Two women, two destinies connected by a letter. Between Paris and Skopje a poetic outstanding story of true courage, love and hope.

  • P-vin Wonderful pencil case

    P-vin is amazing. Perfect for your schoolday or workday. Place for 14 pencils, one ruler, sheets of paper and a little book.

  • Red Hood- Hunting the Reaper

    Red hood puts together a new team of hired mercenaries to destroy the organisation known as the Reapers that have ruined his life

  • Disbray Media Publishing

    I have set up Disbray Media Publishing and want to fund the project so that I can Publish Independent Authors and Musicians

  • Surface Pro Audio - Music Production YouTube Channel

    Music production, advice, reviews and tutorials on the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book


    High debt, low retention, and no sense of direction. There has to be a solution. (Hint: it's in this book)

  • The one and only Low Country Mondays Calendar

    If you ever felt that it might be 5:00 o'clock somewhere, but it's always Monday at the job, this is for you!

  • Son's Shine Honey Farm

    We want to grow to 100 hives, on our own we have 20 strong hives now. Help our community afford local honey and pollination.