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  • Salare Restaurant

    Its takes a community to raise a restaurant. Help bring our tasty food to the beautiful neighborhood of Ravenna in Seattle, WA.

  • The Habby Rock Show

    We are sisters Abby & Hattie Morris. We are trying to re-launch our Christian radio show for kids, "The Habby Rock Show"

  • Bringing Power to the People

    Pyro Yield will produce clean energy, from sustainably sourced biomass, guaranteeing income from energy and activated carbon produced.

  • LookBetterBooks - For Cell Phone Addicts Everywhere!

    Tired of being judged for your cell phone addiction? LookBetterBooks are guaranteed to make you look Smart, Cool, Classy and Rich!

  • Big Box Office Game $10 backers receive all game apps!

    Big Box Office is an exciting new game that lets you become the Producer, Director, Writer & Agent of a Big Hollywood Movie!

  • A Signature Splash of Colour

    Unique Limited Edition Silk Cushions from the A Signature Splash of Colour homewares range by fine art photographer Elizabeth James

  • The Future Magazine. Promoting academics & athletics of kids

    youth sports little league children kids football cheer leading improve reading magazine learning education children boys girls athlete

  • The Legend Begins

    Action, Comedy, Awesome VFX(special effects) and some funny YouTubers wanting to bring you bigger and better films than before!!

  • Couples Couch Pillow

    A pillow meant for two.

  • Life Through My Eyes

    I want to stop time for each in everyone of us on this earth enjoy and cherish every second of our lives with the ones we love.

  • Maskinvåd - SOS - Vinyl

    Vi trykker SOS på vinyl - Vil du hjælpe? We're pressing SOS on vinyl - Wanna help?

  • Travelling to every U.S. Landmark, with a twist!

    Wouldn't it be great to visit every US landmark and with a Live Google Map for anyone to follow along? Here we go! Come join us!


    A zipper tee shirt that has a small zipper in front and a 12" zipper in show off that tatoo..

  • Magic Hair Cutter

    The magic hair cutter is a Vacuum hair cutter system that uses the suction power of your household vacuum to draw the hair up and cut.

  • Red Rover

    Red Rover, Red Rover, send our dream right over! Two young talents from Eastern KY collaborate to create music that anyone can enjoy!

  • Non-Gmo organic farm in Riverside, CA

    Organic non-gmo & heirloom farm. All fruits and veggies grown are not genetically modified! Say no to Frankenveggies!!


    Decorations is playing the 2015 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas but we can't do it alone - we'll need your help.

  • -Stitched Apparel-

    Cultivated & grown in New jersey ive seen hard time and good times yet all along i did it with just the clothes on my back.

  • 'Sight Specific' Art Exhibition in Clapham Orangery

    A site specific exhibition within the facade of Clapham's orangery, displaying works which have a relationship with the space.

  • Building a turbine in Africa & telling the story for kids

    A children’s book, The Adventures of the Windy Twins and Turley Turbine, and installation of an Energeni wind turbine in Zimbabwe.