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  • Daniel: an Ordinary Tragedy: a new musical

    Daniel: an Ordinary Tragedy is a new musical about six people searching for love in all the wrong ways.

  • What can YOU Create?

    The Art Cart is an outdoor(or indoor) crafty experience for community members of all ages for family bonding,relaxation and fun!

  • Racing Team Honours Project

    We're preparing to join a race with a model car at the racing circuit in the Netherlands. We need money for parts and tools!

  • Chronicles: Arcane Tales

    This is a book, used to "kickstart", haha, my upcoming book series. A collection of short stories to describe the Universe in the books

  • Cosplay With Kindness

    A documentary on bullying, teasing, and harassment within the cosplay community. Check out our trailer!

  • Kid Care - Child ID & Health Planner

    Child ID & Health Record book is a simple way to keep all your child's information, medical history and records in one place!

  • The Lunatic Reborn - 3D Maze Puzzles For Mental Health.

    Brainteasers That Do not Require Batteries Or In App Purchases Handcrafted From Unnatural Materials.

  • Homeless Hearts The Journey of Rescue Dogs

    Rescue evokes pictures of happy dogs with tails wagging. It takes an army of volunteers to save them from death and find them homes.

  • Black Andy Mail

    Make all of your lettermail digital. Forget paper mail forever by getting what's important to you as email instead.

  • Soul3Beads

    Beautiful Line of hand Crafted Beaded Jewelry

  • Loose Cannon Chili Consortium

    Help us fund putting meat into stomachs of people one day a year. Do it and get things; like a feeling of self worth (not guaranteed)

  • Gorilla Theater Productions Presents: Phase 3

    GTP has been protected financially by The Director since 2012. Now it's time for the community. Do you want GTP? Are we worth it?

  • Gone Wild

    Half action movie, half documentary on big game hunting in Alaska. All Real.

  • South Africa Mission Possible

    To Travel to South Africa to cover Archbishop Desmond Tutu's global launch of 20 Million desks for 20 Million children by the year 2020

  • The Dream Garden- a community garden club membership

    We're creating a garden membership club to share our summer harvest from our garden. We're growing veggies with love for everybody.

  • Pets Illustrated

    Let me draw your furry, or not so furry, little buddy.

  • The Matthew Chiles Album

    Help Matthew Chiles create his first album! Original folk songs with his own unique blend of irish-influenced music!

  • Organic Aquaponic Geothermal Greenhouse

    Providing fresh organic fruits and vegetables to local and surrounding communities, while doing it with low operating costs.

  • A Mother to be's Diary

    An app to enable mothers to keep a day to day diary of their pregnancy ending up with the ability to have a beautifully printed diary

  • Nowhere Bound

    A young woman helping her mother fight against drug addiction struggles to balance her life at home with her education.