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  • Dank Doggie Doughnuts

    Do you love dank things? Do you love dogs? Do you love doughnuts? Naturally dank, our doughnuts will satisfy the pickiest of dogs!

  • The Grouchy Old Gnome

    I'm writing my first children's book, about someone you may know. Dreamy illustrations are needed to make this a family favorite!

  • Bijou and Big : Puzzle, Platformer

    We're a group of students studying Game Design! Help us build a unique, 3D, puzzle-platformer for Steam and GoG!

  • Creature Clans

    Creature Clans is a fun card game for all the family. The rules are simple and each game is fast paced lasting no more than 10 minutes!

  • The Siege of Zin, Divine War Saga part 1 of 3

    The Siege of Zin is an already completed Pathfinder Campaign Setting that is attempting to self publish. Donate and get a copy!

  • Hal - Fidget Hand Spinner + USB Storage

    A fidget hand spinner for data storage and transport.


    Build your tile kingdom and compete for crown jewels. Protect your land and expand, or force another kingdom to retreat.

  • I Make Art: Brighter Than Life Prints

    Purveyor & creator of spray paint Geek & Pop Culture canvas pieces, looking to transition into high quality brighter than life prints.

  • Virtual Locker Room

    Virtual Locker Room pairs up youth sports and software technology to help coaches and players collaborate.

  • There Can Only Be Two - Star Wars Fan Film

    Three Men apprentice under the Galaxy's Dark Lord of the Sith. Only one is permitted to survive.

  • The Missing Mental Community

    A book centered around communication, and its importance. It can be a reality interface system, and the base of a community.

  • The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show- a retouched kids book

    Stimulate imagination with a restored historical circus poster picture book. Let's help get books to children around the globe!

  • Mother Jones Returns! Inflatable - 12' tall

    Mother Jones is calling us to "Get Off Your Knees and Stand Up!" A 12' inflatable of Mother hovering over events. Fun & solidarity!

  • FLAT EARTH merchandise

    Im creating various items to raise awareness to the true shape and layout of the planet we all live on. Earth. The flat one that is.

  • ARC Fan: Form Meets Function

    All the benefits of a ceiling mounted fan; attached to a mobile stand. Add style and instant comfort to any room!


    This year is Canada's 150th Birthday. Celebrate with us as we launch this Exhibit.

  • Stand-Up Guys

    A micro-sitcom from the city that brought you Elvis, dry ribs and 151 violent crimes per sq mile.

  • Endless Conflict

    Endless Conflict is a multiplayer-based game about combat and PvP fight in Local multiplayer with your friends or Online.

  • The world's most unique bamboo notebooks!

    Beautiful bamboo notebooks made in an eco-friendly and sustainable way using 100% recycled paper and laser cut technology.

  • Little Beans Play Cafe Inc.

    Little Beans is a relaxing play cafe for parents and children that fosters the right kind of play for the right kind of growth.