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  • Self-cleaning shower, windows, solar panels, glass facades

    With one push of a button you can clean your shower cabin. Without using a wiper or towel. Also for windows, glass facades and others.

  • Help Benjamin Wyatt fund his debut cover cd!

    I'm creating a cd with me playing piano and singing covers of my favorite artist including Owl City, OneRepublic, Vance Joy, and more.

  • Coastal Compost

    High Nitrogen compost from two waste streams -logging slash (brush) mixed with shellfish and fish byproducts

  • Aylus : Exiled Dominions - Virtual Reality RPG

    A First Person RPG with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality support and online play with the exploration of Skyrim and combat of a Souls game.

  • Scott Golf USA Designs, You Dream it, I build it !

    The best, custom made golf clubs on earth, You dream it, we build it, stand out, stand above, color options from head to grip.

  • Snitch on the Witch

    Enjoy a great children's book that also comes with a toy. It will enhance your Halloween season from beginning to end, SNITCH away!!!!

  • Spyne the Punkupine

    Spyne is an old-school side-scrolling adventure game with awesome music,fun game-play that mixes puzzles and blasting stuff.

  • Theta

    When Helena Eriksdottir awakes with no memory, she must decide who to trust and who not to as she explores 2094 London.

  • The Drone Invasion Documentary: Learn why Drones are Good

    Drones are misunderstood and this new documentary film explores the many ways that drones can actually help the world.

  • Chai Walla

    Authentic Indian coffee house. Only Indian style tea/coffee, snacks, and tropical fruit beverages, more exotic and healthier choice!

  • The Pastel Man Movie

    I am creating (with permission from the author) a movie of the creepy pasta Pastel Man. It is a horror unlike anything you've seen.

  • All Natural African-Syle Hot Sauce- Great Flavor With A Kick

    Oh Mercy! Hot Sauce is a hot sauce game changer. It not your typical vinegar-based hot sauce you usually see on store shelves.

  • The Elder Scrolls Oblivion: Live-Action Movie

    Combination of Sean Bean and Oblivion SFX/voice clips used in a comical fashion to create a pretty wacky entertaining series.

  • REP 845 - Hudson Valley, NY

    Our purpose at REP 845 is to create locally-based cultural fashion that reflects the unique qualities of Upstate, NY's 845 area code.

  • Shower Tempest: Shower Temperature Measurement Device

    A snap on shower water temperature device that accurately shows you your shower water temperature.

  • Farming Camps for Families

    My children and I decided to start a camp, where families can come learn the basics of farming and self sufficiency together.

  • Not without my donuts

    Fast paced co-up action arcade shooter with cupcakes fighting off thousands of nasty spiders

  • Robbin Hoodies

    Robin Hood for our times, set in the real hood. The Robbin Hoodies will be an independent film.

  • Steve, The Alright Knight

    A platforming adventure with combat, puzzles, and “volunteer” voice actors, Sir Steve is the Alright Knight fighting to save his world!

  • ViDi App

    ViDi is a unique app that fosters video-sharing with innovation, originality, & flexible customization for people's engagement.