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  • 303 Documentary

    The unknown story of the most successful squadron of the Battle of Britain - the Polish 303 Kosciuszko Squadron.

  • The @penguinbookaday book of vintage paperbacks.

    For fans of my Instagram feed, @penguinbookaday, here's a look at some classic vintage paperbacks from the UK and USA!

  • Scotty Odyssey: Volume 1

    Action Adventure spy comedy about a boy & his pet cheetah getting in and out of trouble around the world. Wrapped up in hardbound book.

  • Oath Anthology of New Heroes

    Oath is queer superhero comic anthology by queer creators, creating representation we deserve in a book everyone can read.

  • Bell Ringer

    Hack 'n' Slash platforming RPG sidescroller. Think "Diablo as a side scroller" with a deep combat system inspired by fighting games.

  • Alien Artifacts & Were- SF&F Themed Anthologies

    Zombies Need Brains presents TWO new anthology themes--left behind ALIEN ARTIFACTS and WERE-creatures gone wild!

  • The Grand Dodo Ink Kickstarter

    Dodo Ink is a new indie publisher of daring, difficult fiction. Back us and help us publish the hell out of our first 3 books in 2016.

  • Goliath - A Game About Building Robots and Punching Monsters

    A giant-sized open-world adventure about building and customizing huge robots and punching monsters in the face! Join us!

  • #EndBookHate with Plush Textbook Toys

    We are making textbooks fun again with our original line of textbook plushies.

  • Colt Coeur's 6th Season

    2 world premieres: HOW TO LIVE ON EARTH by MJ Kaufman / CAL IN CAMO by William Francis Hoffman + workshops of 7 more plays!

  • How To Kill A Spider

    "How To Kill A Spider" is an easy to learn, fast paced card game for up to 4 players created by Basement City Productions.

  • Enter RALPH: A Virtual Reality play

    Enter RALPH: An experimental 360 degree play produced for virtual reality.

  • The Vervet Forest

    Monkeys, People, Culture and Oppression. A documentary about compassion and the repercussions of our lifestyle choices.

  • The Land without Color

    Adventure novel for children of all ages that champions diversity, self-reliance, preparedness, and eating your vegetables.

  • Ware Issue 01 Release

    The launch of Ware Magazine and the highly anticipated premier installment, "The Creator's Issue."

  • Been Busy: The Art & Graphic Design of Mike Davis

    Burlesque of North America's debut hardcover book featuring over 100 pages of our own Mike Davis' graphic art!

  • The Cleansing Hour

    A short horror film about the world's only live exorcism webcast starring SAM JAEGER (Parenthood), HEATHER MORRIS (Glee) & TEALA DUNN.

  • VOYAGER - A Sci-Fi Series Based On Events From A Near Future

    The most innovative and realistic TV series about space exploration and extra-terrestrial life - because we want to believe.

  • FM VII Collage

    FM is an independent journal curated by students at the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • The Chicago South Asian Film Festival

    The Festival enhances diversity in Chicago by providing a platform for South Asians worldwide to share their stories and art.