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  • Bravado Spice | Bigger & Bolder

    Our mission: To launch our Crimson Hot Sauce & introduce our Chili & Garlic Pickles. Let's change the game together!

  • Arduboy - Card Sized Gaming

    Arduboy, the game system the size of a credit card. The easiest way way to play, make and share 8-bit games! Powered by Arduino!

  • Dungeon Dice: COLOSSEUM

    A Dungeon Dice expansion, adding Epic Monsters, new spells, and more to the all-dice game!

  • Rebuild Radio with WLPN in Chicago

    Help us build a radical non commercial Low Power FM station in Chicago called Lumpen Radio

  • "Sasquatch Brigade" Embroidered Patch Artist Merchandise

    "Sasquatch Brigade" embroidered patch #3 in Bigfoot/Yeti paranormal/cryptid art merch series + card, button, original art & more.

  • Chicas Poderosas Stanford

    Empowering Latin American women in technology in newsrooms, training the leaders of Chicas Poderosas globally.

  • Houseworld

    A new immersive theater performance in which 30 guests enter a mansion, one by one, and step into a lucid dream.

  • Here to be Heard: The Story of The Slits

    HERE TO BE HEARD is a documentary film about the 1st all girl punk band, 1st wave British punks, & godmothers of Punky Reggae The Slits

  • Mary Review

    A magazine, by women, for everyone.

  • Perilous Journeys

    An overland adventure rules supplement for Dungeon World.

  • Even more Awesome Wood Toys

    Throwback wood toys, made from solid wood and inspired by vintage cars. Beautiful, nearly indestructible and super fast rolling.

  • Atomic Robo Reprint Regalia!

    Atomic Robo is out of print and the sadness is REAL. So we're reprinting the whole series in hardcover and need your help!

  • Wren's 2nd Album: Stitch an Ocean

    Original songs about transformation, love, & the soul of wild lands with pure vocals & a full folk ensemble. Please help me share them!

  • Robot Repair Shop

    Reimagining and rebuilding the public art installation, Fraley's Robot Repair, in the Pittsburgh International Airport. #PITRobotRepair

  • Simon Stålenhag's Tales from the Loop

    Simon Stålenhag's paintings from a childhood that never was and a future that could have been – collected in a two book volume.

  • A New Storytelling Form Brings History to Life!

    An Interactive Story App & Tour Exploring Historic Florence through Mary Hoffman's Tale of the Making of Michelangelo's David

  • Sun Cedar Kickstart!

    Sun Cedar manufactures hand made, all-natural aromatic ornaments and gifts in a green shop staffed by ex-offenders and the homeless.

  • Trilobite Plushie - a new Paleozoic Pal

    A Devonian trilobite (Greenops boothi), a limited edition 8" plush in PRI's Paleozoic Pals collection.


    For Body and Soul

  • The Future Chronicles #1 Internet – A Time Travel Magazine

    A journalistic journey through time: Every issue tells the history of a new topic, from the past into the future.