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  • House of Time: Season 3 Initiative

    Fresh and vibrant programs of chamber music from the 17th and 18th century played on period instruments in multiple Manhattan locations

  • Slo Light Film

    Slo Light is a mystery revenge thriller about the corrupting destructive power of the male gaze and transcendent female empowerment.

  • Jason and Shirley

    The 1966 power struggle between a black gay hustler and a wealthy female director in a 12-hour filming session at the Chelsea Hotel.

  • James Webb Deployable Model

    Production of variously-sized deployable models of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to promote hands-on learning.

  • And Nothing Happened

    A young woman juggles between the mundane and the extraordinary in an attempt to leave her NYC apartment.

  • Meta Mesh: Community Wireless Networks for All

    Meta Mesh is the first Community Wireless Network company in the US and is creating a start-to-finish solution for building CWNs.

  • Dinosaur

    Contemporary dance duet about love as it is; a reflection on how it succeeds and fails in all its absurdity.

  • Downfall

    A story game about the collapse of a society. Create a world you love and then destroy it, together.

  • Slow Machine

    A screwball thriller about performance and surveillance.

  • Relative Paradox: A Tabletop Time Travel Game

    Collect lost pieces of the broken timeline and restore history before a Paradox closes the link causing the extinction of time itself.

  • Impact Wrap - The Portable Fitness Tracker For A Heavy Bag

    Punching bags just got smart. Track how hard you hit, build customized workouts, and compete against others. Travels with you!

  • A House Among Us // A Feature Film

    A House Among Us is a supernaturally charged melodrama about a couple living in parallel realities during a twenty-four hour period.

  • CR45: A Chair from Denmark by Many Hands Design

    Hand-crafted by young designer Josef Lang, CR45 is the first chair of it's kind. A design born in Denmark, and growing in America.

  • Reader: Dragging science publications into the 21st century

    Transcend the page and navigate research with deep context and collaboration.


    Second 1/6 scale "12 inch" Hotline Miami BIKER figure by Dennaton, Devolver Digital and Second figure in the series.

  • Micro Rhythm

    The Micro Rhythm is an open source drum machine that allows recording and playback of Linndrum, DMX, and TR-707 native samples.

  • Standards & Practices: A Short Film About Modern Romance

    A revolving cast of characters gropes blindly at intimacy and emotion as they wreak havoc on one another's lives.

  • Burqa Boxers

    Young Muslim women dream of a better future by learning boxing from Razia Shabnam, one of the first Indian female boxing coaches.

  • Sewn Up Pockets Magazine

    SUP is a new independent design, fashion and lifestyle magazine based in the UK. We have recently published issue 2 on a small scale.

  • Fog Of War. 30 beautifully handmade wooden games.

    Cute wooden tank battle for 2 - 4 players. 45 minutes. Ages 8 up. Deploy your battalion, destroy your opponents and occupy their base.