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  • Looney Bin Short Film

    Looney Bin is a short Dark Comedy film, that features a man named Wade caught in the middle of a crime by a police officer

  • Spoiled Secrets

    I am creating a book about sexual abuse. Being a victim myself, my hope is that my book will give at least one person hope.

  • Production Company for Web series

    I want to put together a production crew to put our writings and ideas into digital media. This will be a monthly series.

  • Success Through Failure

    A book designed to help others change their perspective & teach them how to embrace, rather than retreat from failure & its importance.

  • The Tub Fund

    Help us record our first album!

  • The Totally Recyclable Shoe

    Shoes: dont breakdown, or disappear. They HANG around like a bad smell, sometimes with a bad smell, polluting! Meet the renew shoe.

  • Creation of K Bowls

    Let's create amazingly yummy K Bowls and add another delicious healthy fast casual food choice besides chipotle or panera bread.

  • Steven McCarl - Music or Bust!

    Music or Bust! My determined effort to make song writing my career and everything else my hobby!

  • Help Me Get To 'The Other Art Fair' This April 2015

    I am a young artist and recent graduate, making a start in London's hectic art scene. Help me to make it happen...

  • Star Names Only

    A short comedy satirizing Hollywood's obsession with casting 'star names' in everything from big budget films to no-budget web videos.

  • Mahou Shojo: Fight like a Girl!

    A 2 player card game about Magical Girls kicking the sparkle out of each other!

  • Bluetooth Speech Recognition & Relay Board Modules!

    These Arduino compatible modules are production ready, and can easily compliment your home projects! Check out our detailed videos!

  • Wayfarer's Path

    Wayfarer's Path is a travelers guide app designed to help people share and discover new places around the world with fellow adventures

  • ITSupportUK

    We want to be able to provide FREE IT Support to everyone who wants it. is a community based IT Support website.

  • The Building of Particular T's

    Particular T's, getting the T-shirt you PARTICULARLY want, in the way you PARTICULARLY want it!

  • Athlete's Towel

    This will keep sweat off your seats after you workout.

  • Patten and Goff

    Patten and Goff’s country/rock/bluesy acoustic style of Lucien's guitar playing, simmered by Lane’s raw country/blues vocals.

  • Venue Vandals

    Play as four band-mates in this exciting PC/Mac 2D top-down beat ‘em up as they try to save rock and roll!


    LAX is a festival for contemporary performance emerging out of LA, showcasing some of the city's most innovative artists & companies.

  • Solar Power on the go

    Help us give you all an excellent gift for the new year.