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  • Pro Shorts

    Pittsburgh Pro Shorts:Is a urban pro style street wear shorts.They are made to pair up with the pro NFL style football jersey.Just epic

  • Fresh Data: local food, global network

    An app to map out your grocery basket, showing you where your food comes from and how it impacts our planet.

  • Debut Portalooth Album

    Hello beautiful people, We are Portalooth and we have an album worth of music that is crying out to be recorded, every penny will help

  • Gaming Heaven

    A place for all gamers, casual and hardcore, to give back to others and enjoy gaming like never before, and watch new talent rise up.

  • Discover Magic - Course Curriculum

    Help Me Purchase Course Curriculum to present Discover Magic to my local community. It's a life skills course disguised as magic class.

  • I got to get to LA by MONDAY!! #PostmodernJukebox

    Have been offered an amazing opportunity to work with Postmodern Jukebox in LA... but need to raise money for my flights... by MONDAY!!


    Revive Gomezplein will raise funds to plan and execute the redesign of Curacao's town square to revive its grandeur and social function

  • Don't Judge Me

    We inspire to show that God can do miraculous things in the lives of those who put him First, but you must believe.

  • Emerald Online

    Emerald Online is a block based MMORPG indie game.

  • Periorbis: The deep space mining board game for 2-6 players

    A fresh take on worker placement featuring a unique orbital mechanic. Periorbis is a game of skill and strategy set in deep space.

  • Billionaire at Pumapunku

    A deceased entity stalks it’s soul mate, raping her in her dreams, as her fiancé is forced to witness her take pleasure in her reunion

  • Cashmere from plants

    Knitted tops made of Bamboo: Cashmere from plants

  • GloomyBunnyDesigns

    Pinup/Rockabilly inspired hair bows, jewelry, fascinators, and various accessories.

  • Lorena : THE EP

    Recording and releasing my debut EP this summer! Let's do it together :D

  • Help Redwood Coast Cider bring unique ciders to the SF Bay

    We're just about ready to bring new styles and flavors of cider to the San Francisco Bay Area. We need your help for the final stretch!

  • Coming Home

    This is a film documentary that will tell the success and the struggles of combat soldiers after coming home. A look at living with PTS

  • Sky Relics: A Sky Adventure Awaits

    Using miniature models of SkyShips, claim your stake in Targus by utilizing a combination of rustic technologies and the arcane.

  • EQUAL Ride+Share APP

    App platform connecting female drivers and the community.

  • Revolution Zo: Planet RED - 3 Visuals for Released Projects

    In the amount of time given I have released a series of singles that I would like to create visuals to for enthusiasts of my music

  • Never Let This Go - "Believe" EP Preorder

    Pre-order Never Let This Go's new EP "Believe" exclusively on Kickstarter!