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  • BenchPress-Spotter-Machine

    Many people go alone to the gym and most of them have not a training partner as a spotter. We should change the gym with nice machines.

  • Fin Band

    Fin Band is a new, safe and simple buoyancy aid for babies and toddlers.

  • Minnesota Unseen

    A Unique and unseen collection of Landscape, nature and wildlife photographs from the great state of minnesota.

  • California kayak adventures

    Small kayaking business would love to put together an art gallery of photos & videos of our customer's California kayaking adventures

  • Press Go Cafe

    Fresh Sandwiches, salads, and juices in a create your own or order from our creation.

  • LightTribe - the Compass to Enrich Your Life

    Find your passion, inspiring friends, and joy! A TECH project Guided from the HEART

  • Pagan Nation

    I am in the works of creating a publishing company for wiccan, pagan, and like minded individuals who aspire to share their writings.

  • Project We Love
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    Two Plains & a Fancy

    A satirical, experimental “Spa Western” set in 1893. The new feature film by Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn (L for Leisure).

  • Filesense Attorney CMS

    Attorney CMS Innovative New Technologies, Integration with Pacer and 50+ State Courts. Replace Time Matters, Cleo, Best Case etc.

  • Personalized Expert at the Card Table Joe Porper Card Clips

    Show the world that YOU are the Expert at the Card Table with this genuine Joe Porper Card Clip laser engraved with YOUR name!

  • Motivabox - Coach in a box!

    A Box full of Motivation!! Energy and key stuff to learn/improve a different Soft Skill every month. Stop dreaming and start DOING!

  • Organic sustainable Farm

    We want to bring local organically grown produce to our Central Florida area using the best sustainable methods out there.

  • MonoPhan Thrust Vectoring Single EDF VTOL Transforming Drone

    My design utilizes a unique use of ducted fans, thrust vectoring and aerodynamics to create a low cost but very capable VTOL drone.

  • Main Street Video Co-op

    Main Street Video is going Cooperative! We are hoping to bring the video store up to date with new software and other store upgrades.

  • Talented Recording Artist: M.I.P 's EP Fund

    To Connect the world with music that would rarely be recognized, but needs to be heard.


    I want to make the world's first documentary about fasting. Before and after blood tests will show what happens inside the body.

  • "Fairytale" - A Love Song

    "Fairytale" is a simple song about a prince and princess in love. It's a simple, catchy tune with cute lyrics.

  • Love You More Clothing

    Love You More Clothing is a brand with a purpose of spreading love and awareness across the world; also helping my mom and others!

  • New line of e-Raptor Storage Boxes

    Looking for solution to organize your stuff? You found it! -You will forget what "mess" means!

  • The Sea is White

    My first book! It's a sea inside of a sea, a poem-animal-human cycle of whale songs. Memory, recurrence. Trinkets on the sea floor.