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  • Boydston Beard Co. Organic, Small-Batch Beard Products

    Boydston Beard Co. makes the finest organic, small batch beard products out of Portland, OR.

  • Doppelgängers

    An exhibition showcasing a group of London-based artists & writers, including poetry, photography, video and print.

  • Little Rascals

    Cute card swapping mania in this fun point scoring, quick playing game.

  • @ home : For a safe & comfortable home. No wearables needed!

    Making our home smart is more than just controlling lights and heating. It is about people!

  • Turbo Galaxy

    In the 23rd Century only one girl and one ape and one bamboo shoot can get you the goods.

  • You Can Train Your Dog!

    “You Can Train Your Dog; Mastering the Art & Science of Modern Dog Training” is a comprehensive guide with all the bells and whistles.

  • The World Wide Wave

    I'll capture handshakes, waves and greetings from people all around the world and imortalise them in quirky coloured illustrations.

  • The Indiana Basketball Wall of Fame

    Recognizing those who have dedicated, had a commitment, and made great contributions to the game of basketball in the state of Indiana!

  • Karma Farms and green energy growing

    We aim to build a nonprofit farm to give back to the people in need within the local comunity using aquaponics and earthship designs.

  • Help Get SexyTime Apparel Up And Running

    i am trying to create my own t shirt design brand, hopefully i can make one of the leading companies in the future

  • "SAVE A LANGUAGE!" Fieldwork with Cambodia's Kuay People '15

    Help me save the endangered Kuay language: the heart of a culture and key to future anthropological discovery. This MATTERS!

  • Chronicles: Arcane Tales

    This is a book, used to "kickstart", haha, my upcoming book series. A collection of short stories to describe the Universe in the books

  • Bringing Power to the People

    Pyro Yield will produce clean energy, from sustainably sourced biomass, guaranteeing income from energy and activated carbon produced.

  • The Speed Factory Youtube series!

    We are the ONLY YouTube channel that makes gaming videos with a hollywood finish. We aim to rival the best. Help us to do so!

  • Emily's Point

    A coming of age film that explores young adulthood, high school, and burning it all down to start over again

  • TaylorMade Cheesecake, Inc

    Taylor Made Cheesecake’s mission is to be a benchmark company in the DFW area. To produce great tasting sugar free and low fat products

  • The Law's Hand

    Anthology of 12 Dark Fantasy short stories

  • Aggressive BMX

    Our goal is to create a YouTube channel based around BMX and Aggressive Skating for entertainment and a taste of the AZ College Life!

  • The Unity Movement - Social Change starts with U

    "The Unity" is a social change movement with the idea "What if we focused more on what we have in common?" For the Human Race.


    A new revolutionary fun dance craze to high energy percussion world music!