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  • CashCycle-The app that will save you money and grow it

    Working on app that will allow users to save up, send and receive money. Cashcycle will also allow user to invest in startups.

  • High altitude furniture

    Help me keep the magic of flight alive by taking retired airplane parts and turning them into beautiful pieces of art.

  • COIN- Make your Home Smart, Secure & More Intelligent

    Monitor vital information about your home/office at anytime,anywhere at your fingertips. Incredibly easy to use smart home product.

  • Baked Goods For Baked People

    Gain some entrepreneurial experience by selling baked goods to my campus area and furthering my love of baking.

  • Tesla vs. Edison: Duel

    Tesla and Edison duel to control the electric industry! A 2-player card game with technology, projects, stocks, and PR in under 30 min!

  • I AM A PAINTER: Prints, Postcards, and the Grape Press Zine

    Jars and jars of good karma, prints, postcards, a website, painting supplies, a zine, and a daily studio practice: a painter emerges.

  • Project We Love
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    The Circuit: Urbiessa

    A film quality Sci-fi Anthology series, where fans, celebrities, and professional filmmakers work together.

  • Anima

    Shopping of clothes online will now be modeled on an avatar close to your size.Letting you view and create complete outfits .


    “BEING A PARENT MEANS LOVING YOUR CHILD MORE THAN YOU’VE EVER LOVED YOU!" This play is a reminder that a parent-child love never ends!

  • Sounds of Quiroga: The New Passion for Latin Music

    The vision of a new Latin sound produced through original, energy defying Salsa, Merengue and Bachata dance music.

  • Tweeting Trumpito

    Tweeting Trumpito is a mini replica of him, tweeting from the toilet.

  • K&K's Baking Company

    Delicious baked goods delivered right to your door.

  • Tailgating GameCards, the perfect game for the pre-game.

    Tailgating GameCards is an awesome way to make the party even more of a party! It is the perfect game for the pre-game!

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    The Solarcan

    Solarcan is a unique camera designed to produce extreme time exposures that capture the Sun's path through the sky over many months

  • Sugar Skull Grill Food Truck

    American classics with international twists! Burgers, fries, shakes etc

  • The Circus Sideshow Enamel Pin Collection by Deeply Dapper

    A collection of fine enamel pins based on vintage circus sideshow & freakshow advertising and poster art.

  • The Worship Culture - NIGHT OF UNITY

    The Worship Culture presents a night of UNIFIED WORSHIP. June 25th @ 7pm - Leaders all across Atlanta will come together for 1 night.

  • Lore of the Gods: PFRPG Edition

    Add new deities into your Pathfinder game. Choose from Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamian, and Norse pantheons.

  • End 22

    End Veteran suicide, 22 veterans a day die to suicide, PTSD Awareness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Help end 22 a day,

  • Ido

    French / English Logiciel TodoList avec gestion des priorités et plus++, Todo List software with priorities managment and more++