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  • A Gingers Journey Through Asia

    A ginger, a camera, a journey, a discovery of new cultures, a whole new world to experience. P.S. apologies for the photo.

  • Age of Victory

    A Bloody limb cutting first person real time strategy game inspired by Age of Empires, Gather resources, Build weapons, Upgrade Ages

  • Thirsty Moments

    Social application and website to find people near you who want to meet, drink and socialize. No matter where you are in the Country.

  • The Wrong Crowd - Feature Film

    An Australian crime/comedy film about three criminals kidnapping an american, and a wife who is clueless about the entire event.

  • Uniting opportunity with new opportunities

    A solution that will provide an easier way to find opportunities and allow controlled connectivity in a simple and cost effective way.

  • Haka, A Dance Film

    Ethan, a shy teenager, gets bullied on his way home from school. Little do the bullies know, Ethan's a warrior of the Haka dance.

  • UNREAL Tournament maps and Mesh's

    I want to make first class level maps and meshes for anyone to use in unreal tournament 4

  • Hard Hat Art

    I aim to create a series of artwork on every tradies #1 PPE - the iconic Hardhat! Freehand art from Custom designs to Pop-icons

  • Planting Shame: Transforming Burden into Beauty

    The simple way to phrase it? Give me your shame, the weight you carry with you, to me. I'll build you a metal flower & will be planted.

  • Launch "Best. Selling. Novel. best stuff I know before I go

    A life-long goal to write a best selling novel, got bumped up with my stage 4 cancer. It's funny, inspirational, (TMI) ready to go.

  • PAO-the first family entertainment treadmill in the world

    With PAO, you can walk,run,jump and crouch in the game.And you can use it with PC,TV Box, and other platform.

  • Pro Organizer Kits

    Start Up Business. Pro Organizer Kits, specializes in creating Organizational Kits to help you be more organized and stay organized.

  • Heating Oil 4 Less

    Heating Oil 4 Less is an online marketplace that electronically matches consumers with merchants offering reduced rates for heating oil

  • Transbag Z

    You can wear, ride and roll

  • Musical Instruments for the Harbor Dragons Lion Dance Team!

    Help the Teenage Harbor Dragons Kung Fu and Lion Dance Team become a full team with a full size drum, cymbals, gong, and sticks!

  • Levi Ransom- Beautiful Love (EP)

    Hey guys! This summer I'm going back to record my upcoming EP and i need your help to help get me there!


    Can you become the next perfect gangster?

  • That's an Excellent Choice! (Working title of Book)

    A fun, light, non-sommelier-type wine-pairing book for those who don't know what to drink with their pumpkin spice cake, brunch, etc.

  • Meantime [Redux]

    PreOrder now for this January 1, 2016 release of 'Meantime' [REDUX]

  • Wet Coast Brewing Company

    Washington's newest craft brewery! Wouldn't it be nice to put your foot upon that brass rail and blow the foam off some suds?