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  • Dancing for Tradition and Entertainment

    A Majorette dance team at Grand Valley State University, who is working toward four set goals to become apart of Grand Valley.

  • The Fighter

    I think this film will be amazing, the story of sadness and happiness come together with life lessons

  • Helga Work Wear: waterproof overall optimized for women

    Quality waterproof overalls for women, locally manufactured, with a quick access design feature for an improved washroom experience.


    I wish to couple your wanderlust with companionship. I will be documenting my travels, lets create a diary of the now for the future.

  • M4 Collapsible Cardboard Scenery

    Collapsible cardboard scenery for Sci-Fi 28-32mm miniature games. Easy to assemble and transport. By MCSTUDIO.

  • Crystal = Metaprogramming + Code Generation

    Build apps, APIs, websites, IoT sensors, drones and robotics in any language, library and framework in seconds.

  • Love and Soul through Sound

    My lifelong dream is to show the music I create to the world. You can help make that dream a reality!

  • The Coastal Warf Collection

    Coastal Warf Collection is a t-shirt brand of pocketed t-shirts and designed logos and collections I have created

  • Lick Studio Build

    Ashford, Kent needs a full time studio with so much musical talent around to tap into. Help us become the place where they want to go.

  • On a Roll

    On a Roll is a next-gen rollerblading videogame where the player's main activity consists of performing creative tricks on rollerblades

  • Lowercase Brewing's LoWagon

    Meet the LoWagon! Beer delivered... with a dose of style!!

  • all natural handcrafted ice pops

    All natural handcrafted ice pops. Taking a child hood classic and turning it into something that tastes great and good for you!

  • Peartree Leather Co.

    Peartree Leather is focused on superior quality, beautiful workmanship, and organic growth. We aim to build the best leather goods.

  • MiBank

    MiBank is mobile application to help people around the world become more financial aware, efficient and responsible with their money.

  • Straw Straws

    The Naturally Grown Drinking Straw. Hand harvested and hand cut our straws are biodegradable and look amazing in your refreshment.

  • The AGUA. A totally new way to carry your camera!

    It's not just a bag, it's not just a strap, It's AGUA! A super-protective, quick-draw, fully-adjustable revolutionary camera carrier.

  • The Adventures of Foster Creighton: Help build his staircase

    JT Sweetwood presents: The Adventures of Foster Creighton. Help us tell the thrilling story of love, loss, and a staircase to the moon.

  • The Dishwasher: A Tragedy Told Twice

    "The Dishwasher" tells the story of a depressed dishwasher, who struggles with his place in the world and his own self worth.

  • Turtle Boarden

    A family friendly mobile game that offers exhilarating action/adventure gameplay mechanics that are unique to mobile devices.

  • Swiss Institute Digital Archive

    Swiss Institute seeks to launch the Swiss Institute Digital Archive