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  • OUTDOOR SURFACE - Murals in Copenhagen!

    DGI-byen og Søren Solkær inviterer nogle af verdens førende street artists til Kbh for at lave gavlmalerier til glæde for byens borgere

  • Money VS Happiness

    Trying to prove a point

  • TOYA'S

    Try Toya delicious rum cake, finger licking good

  • 1972 - Nakagin Capsule Tower

    1972 is a photobook that investigates the current state of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, an experimental apartment complex in Tokyo, Japan

  • Awesome Drink

    A film about a boy loves Coca & he doesn't want change it with other drinks even if them will pep him up, and turn him to SUPERMAN.

  • Midnight at the Midway

    Part theater, part circus-- ALL party, BCG needs your help raising the tent for a choose-your-own adventure, audience interactive show.

  • DAS SPIEL: ARE YOU PART OF THE GAME? at Ovalhouse Theatre

    Help develop Philipp Oberlohr's immersive mindreading experience at Ovalhouse Theatre. Let THE GAME play on!

  • Futurism's Lost Sculpture

    Recreate a lost sculpture by the Futurist artist Umberto Boccioni, using digital sculpting techniques and 3D printing technology.

  • Another Dimension Magazine

    Quarterly 'zine of high-quality tales like those in Rod Serling's Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. Short stories, articles, reviews.

  • move any mountain by covert23...

    man moves mountain of music,30 albums uploaded to soundcloud a lifetimes works in musik,get it all now,but covert23 needs your help...

  • Mastur Plan

    An app to help you beat your masturbation problem!

  • "Seven Sins of Tango" recording project

    London Concertante teams up with the David Gordon Trio for an awesome album exploring the darker side of Tango

  • Crafts and Threads

    Custom Embroidered Aprons & Chef Hats with optional personalization. Apron choices: Denim, Red, Black & White. Great gift for anyone!

  • $1 Drawings and Arts

    Help me not only improve my art, but create something special just for you!

  • Chroma Lab Cosmetics

    Formulated high end cosmetics at a great price point. Paraben free, hypo allergenic, not tested on animals. Phenomenal color pay off!

  • Dutch StarCraft League - DSCL Open 2015 Prize Pool

    We're bringing e-sports to the Netherlands. Help us create the greatest StarCraft event on Dutch soil ever!

  • The Insensible Man

    Caught on fire and thrown from an oilrig, homeless and divorced to the New York Stock Exchange is the story of Kyle Turney.

  • BotaniCuties

    The BotaniCuties are 10-inch garden-themed design plush toys! They're made of super-soft minky fabric and assembled in the U.S. Enjoy!


    Fantasia is an anime that will encode in loyalty, friendship, and kindness. (Fantasy, MMORPG, drama, slice of life)

  • The Little Things in Life

    A peep into the lives of two small friends and their day to day adventures. See the world through their eyes.