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  • Collette J Ellis Sketch Art Book

    A soft-cover art book featuring sketches and works in progress by dragon and fantasy illustrator Collette J Ellis

  • IAWN Independent Authors of Wales Network

    IAWN will raise the profile of indie authors, promote their work and talents, provide a community hub for interaction and sharing.

  • The Legend of Amura, A YouTube Fantasy Series

    The Legend of Amura! a self aware comedy and fantasy series shot in the beautiful Welsh country! Created by four young uni students.

  • The Book of Contemporary Magical Things

    A collection of modern items imbued with magical resonance for contemporary and urban RPGs.

  • Templetree Live - original music from Wales - the launch

    Raising funds for the promotion & tour of Templetree, "Genre Defying" music "that soothes & uplifts your soul", original live sets.

  • The Bee Initiative

    A group of people that want to improve our planet, increase our bee population and drive diversity and longevity of bees and hives.

  • Project We Love
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    A documentary about artist Jonathan Sherwood, one of the most distinctive voices within community art in Wales.

  • Project We Love
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    We did it! Our quest to get the Eekeemoo graphic novel printed in COLOUR is done! Thanks to all you wonderful backers!

  • Project We Love
    07431a68effe5dfa4ef088b139b26e90 original

    Leviathan is a continent on the world of Atuannu and is home to mythic races from Earth's antediluvian past.

  • Project We Love
    Bac7964e86dd7de085d436ba531dafdb original

    A year long project to paint 365 Plein Air landscapes around the UK, an exhibition of all 365 paintings, backers can receive a painting

  • Project We Love
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    It turns out not everyone loves Vinyl haha , so by request we are going to do a limited run of a CD version of the debut album FREEDOM

  • Project We Love
    F988f9bac517ab7904ba6199ccff1d4d original

    An illustrated guide to the mythical creatures from Celtic myth, belived to inhabit the dramatic landscapes of Wales

  • Project We Love
    7b87607e10bf21cc141e3435cc235cae original

    Unleashing Wild Creature puppets in a Monty Python Labyrinth inspired Tale. BAFTA nominated Carl Rock presents a Terry Jones Story.

  • Project We Love
    565d0da407fdcbff80b115c26c935527 original

    After a year of new collaborations and innovations in my figure painting, it's time to scale things up.

  • After 6 successful Kickstarters I've returned to launch the newly updated designs for my HIGH QUALITY, yet AFFORDABLE felt gaming mats.

  • Project We Love
    69bf172ba83ee14fb7d5d4495b47fec7 original

    “Spinoza’s Dream” is a philosophically themed album, featuring musicians who played with Al Stewart on his classic albums.

  • Project We Love
    C1125639f54142971d4d148046111153 original

    High quality ATX breakout board, use your old PC Power supply as a bench power supply with multiple voltage outputs.

  • From the darkest recesses of your nightmares comes the inspiration for Ace Collectable Cards latest deck of cards.

  • Fear's Sharp Little Needles is a collection of short one-night modern scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.

  • Project We Love
    C767b30742bd21cb469148bec0badf04 original

    Specially commissioned, classically-treated arrangements of music by Freddie Mercury from Wales' chamber orchestra Sinfonia Cymru.