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  • Mobile Music Command Unit

    Objective: To design and build an affordable small band touring vehicle. Demonstrates an alternative to oversize expensive travel.

  • Pickled Piglet Art Stickers!

    Help me get my "Pickled Piglet" design printed and made into beautiful 5"x 3" glossy vinyl art stickers!

  • Inspiring our Next Generation to Soar

    Sharing Real Flight Experiences to Inspire Confidence. Reaching Out to Include Diverse Students. Growing the Aerospace Community.


    We are here to put an end to GMO foods in your markets and grocers. Help us start our farming operation to grow organic non GMO foods!!

  • 12 inch art

    The new way to build your album display! This is the easiest, most affordable way to fill your wall with music art!

  • Noir Katwalk 2015

    Designed by students • Lead by students • St. Catherine University • St. Paul, Minnesota • Donate today

  • Meat Taffy Apparel

    Meat Taffy specializes in sourcing jerky of the highest-quality. We are looking to expand our brand through a clothing line.

  • So, You Want To Be A Swashbuckling Adventurer?

    Film project that seeks to provide a sustainable instructional model for life as a swashbuckler. Instruction includes swordplay.

  • For.give.ness

    Art/performance gallery featuring over 40 artists exploring the topic “Forgiveness”. 7am to 7pm on March 28th at Bedlam Lowertown.

  • Anubis Dark Desire Anthology

    A 180+ page collection of adult comics featuring the Egyptian half-jackal God in a variety of erotic encounters.

  • flashtight - a flashlight mount for your bicycle

    Secure enough to leave in sight, cheap enough for every bike. No need to reinvent the light, just grab your own and lash it tight.


    Objective: Constructing a chef originated, operated and owned licensed mobile food unit. Please support my business idea, make a pledge

  • Mobile technology education

    As an ex-professional gamer, I learned all things computers; coding, hacking, scripting... Learn efficient use of mobile technology!

  • Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth

    The hobbit's guide to saving the Earth, living sustainably, and rebuilding our Scoured Shire, one 'hole' and community at a time.

  • Oddly Normal 2.0

    "Oddly Normal", an all-ages fantasy graphic novel.

  • Bad luck is bound to fade - a new record from Dave Olson

    I've been working on a new record of (mostly) original folk tunes, and I'm excited to share it with you. Here's how you can help!

  • Technoir: high-tech, hard-boiled roleplaying

    Technoir is a high-tech, hard-boiled roleplaying game by Jeremy Keller, the author of Chronica Feudalis.

  • Chipmunk2D for Unity

    We're bringing faster and more powerful 2D physics to Unity using the Chipmunk Physics Engine!

  • Selenographia - Nathan Hanson & Brian Roessler

    Nathan Hanson & Brian Roessler need your help to press their new LP of improvised music with handscreened artwork by Peet Fetsch.

  • The Story of Winter - A documentary about our iconic season

    In this documentary, we explore Minnesota's winter as both a scientific topic and a social and cultural experience.