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  • Captive Souls Playing Cards

    Uniquely illustrated deck of playing cards, highlighting animal welfare. Inspired by animals such as Cecil, Tilikum, Harambe & Hanako.

  • Clarity Magazine ®: Consumer title for young Christian Women

    What women want, without opposing God. A modern magazine that talks sex, relationships, beauty, career, health, callings, world & more!

  • Project We Love
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    SUFST are a team that design, build and race a single seater Formula car around Silverstone against 130 teams from all over the world.

  • Project We Love
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    Nature has dealt Dean a bum card and now he has a grudge. He is a freak, an egg-laying mammal, with a poisonous toe. Payback time!

  • Project We Love
    989ea5033240429ceb03aa719f2e1b16 original

    A book with more Japanese developer interviews than any other; a wealth of untold anecdotes from Japan's video game history in English

  • Project We Love
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    "Tomorrow, Maybe" a new British musical is looking for funding to support its professional launch.

  • Project We Love
    18831f279bb46a3feb91826ae7f1ec38 original

    Fire employees, make investments, and destroy your rivals in this delightfully simple game.

  • Project We Love
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    A collection of comic strips from when it all started! Em during her house-sharing, wine-swigging, tube-puking heydays.

  • Build a starship. Brew a potion. Explore a dungeon. Create a universe. Give your wizard a spaceship. Now in hardcover!

  • The Gloaming follows Emma, a business woman returning to her childhood home only to be confronted by the ghost of her dead sister.

  • Join Cora, our dual water-gun wielding heroine on a epic adventure in this unique open world platformer exclusive to Nintendo Wii U.

  • This book is the embodiment of my passion for water & photography, which I hope will inspire you to pick up your camera and explore.

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  • Program away the boring parts of your job with Python

  • Vikings. Meat. Beards. Fun for all ages in this epic new strategic card game. Dodge boulders and lead your Vikings to glorious victory.

  • Please help me record my new album!!!

  • A short horror film that follows the story of Martin, a Journalist exploring a desolate hotel where strange things are going on...

  • Homemade rabbit food and treats made with fresh, yummy ingredients without all the fattening nasties of shop bought snacks.

  • With his friend Edgar Allan Poe missing, Rufus Griswold sets off to bring him home from the mysterious lighthouse.

  • Matt Shaw explores whether an ex-girlfriend and boyfriend can remain friends in this dark horror adapted from a short of the same name.