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  • To finish a painting series

    Once a series is started it continues to suggest the next painting. To finish this painting series, I will need financial help.

  • Trump's Over the Wall Game & Over the Limit Drinking Game!

    Trump's Over the Wall is a fantastic fast paced, competitive game of skill and strategy! It also doubles as a Drinking Game! Only $10

  • Mothership Press

    We are seizing the means of production to produce hand-crafted books by artists both local and abroad.

  • Great Lives with Kevin Bungert

    A motivational talk show with a purpose.We'll learn from successful people from all areas of life how they survived their darkest days.

  • Project We Love
    1fc0fecfaa724bd0aeecae90f4613e16 original

    A handcrafted, exploration based, adventure game focused on story, character & mystery!

  • Project We Love
    D1565081a1d82855a7cce3fd1a50cb2e original

    The Brooklyn Bridge, re-imagined as if constructed entirely with type. Letterpress printed, limited edition (1,500 copies).

  • Project We Love
    8da61e125f05e029d1b676bc172aa4f1 original

    An upcoming feature-length documentary about a strange kind of magic breathing under the tropical suburbia of Sarasota, FL.

  • Project We Love
    4476145c0e329d770427f1eb1f563a40 original

    Tendril is a new deck of playing cards, printed by the US Playing Card Company. It is unlike any black deck you've seen...

  • Project We Love
    183cf961be601bdcf574775dd3057679 original

    ENDS TONIGHT 11:59PM EST!! Pledge for our album TODAY, download it TOMORROW, and get an advanced copy shipped to your door!

  • Project We Love
    47018d8dff33749b3ff0dd1e9cd40518 original

    Cassolette are going on tour up the East Coast of the United States - to NYC Popfest! - And bringing baby Calvin along for the ride!

  • Project We Love
    F3f935972fc2156f3936c97bf426ef3f original

    A independent short film shot in the Florida orange groves.

  • Project We Love
    5fa69dc3182e10f19418c604b94053b6 original

    SIXPENNY wants to bring substance and real feeling to the in-between parts of your day, with illustrated short stories.

  • Project We Love
    66e604c3ecdaa6496f66eb9fa2a2abba original

    The Ingocraft construction set combines hands on making with a fun 3D modeling app, and is 3D printable for customizing your kit.

  • Project We Love
    F4274abd508b045a5fca762d88f54982 original

    A little blue reindeer boy learns to stand up for himself with the help of a foreign exchange octopus girl.

  • Project We Love
    540ac7b83c3f5c7ef142af6fbac562a2 original

    Is your refrigerator running? Because in this charming student short film, this 1950s fridge sure did!

  • Project We Love
    0820b1e833183796320a865fcc3dd129 original

    Share hi-fi audio to multiple users for a real-time, wireless listening experience unlike anything you’ve heard.

  • Project We Love
    Ab8659142823010e84fcfaac87d3f4f2 original

    Heroes' Tale fuses tabletop role-playing games and playing cards, to create a rich, visual role playing experience.

  • Project We Love
    Ab51b5cdd92e4303855fbf9da605a0ac original

    Over 25 artists have joined forces to share an art book with a fun, fresh, and diverse collection of visual development!

  • Project We Love
    C203b9004f62269c8b24a3e92d2c054b original

    A short student film about a little girl discovering the true meaning of the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead.

  • Project We Love
    F9ee3ca4c8232a829a0b129ff679ae83 original

    The Florida Absolutely Needs Girl wRitten Literature Society is publishing their first teen anthology and it's all about secret worlds!