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  • Wild Horses of Northern Nevada

    Photographs of wild horse herds of Northern Nevada.

  • Hondoo Outfitters LTD

    We are a start-up apparel company looking to fill a noticabley large gap in western wear.

  • Mandy

    A short, dark comedy that tours the lives of two struggling young women as they resist succumbing to poverty and conflict.

  • Dirty 30, etched metal photo series project

    Images of photographs taken worldwide, realized in an alternative medium- etched metal; blending artistic and industrial methods

  • Gun Bugs Toy line and Animated cartoon series.

    Gun Bugs is Patent pending, Trademarked, and Copy written. Toy concept turned into CG animated live action film. Designed in 2006

  • World From Ashes

    The World From Ashes series is a seven book series based in the apocalypse and follows the stories of several sets of characters.

  • Who I AM. Self-Portraits of the Inner Voice of the Homeless.

    How well do we know each other? Imagine self-portraits of Inner Voice, so now we see each other with new eyes, ones as clear as human.

  • A Self-Sufficient Sober Living Farm

    The goal of the Farm is to provide a safe, supportive environment for participants to build a strong recovery foundation.

  • MYM City Tour + Mobile Boutique Design!

    We need help funding our MYM City Tour and designing our mobile boutique!

  • The Pier - Burning Man 2011 Art Installation

    A 300ft long 9ft wide third world pier. Built from recycled wood, "The Pier" is a destination for imagination for Burning Man 2011.

  • Embrace, Burning Man 2014

    Embrace is a 72 ft wooden cathedral-like sculpture of two human figures, in celebration of all our relationships for Burning Man 2014.

  • Derby Kings

    Brothers Ace and Jim, two demolition derby drivers, struggle to reconcile their broken relationship.

  • The Trilogy Album Three: Recording the Reborn LP

    Who writes, records, and releases three albums in a year? We do. The REBORN LP is the third and final album. Let's make history.

  • Fiber HeArt: A Fiber Art Installation in Downtown Reno

    For the month of October, I will be installing my third original fiber art sculpture at WindowBoxGallery in downtown Reno.

  • Laser Ink

    Solid State Laser attachment to fit Shapeoko 2 CNC. Provides Laser cutting and engraving. Software support for photos.

  • Recital Hall at the Mountain Music Parlor

    Howdy! Please help two BRAVE women build out an extraordinary Americana Music Recital Hall ! Preserving history and making noise !!

  • Fightin' Fungi 28mm Fantasy Miniatures

    A range of highly detailed 28mm fantasy miniatures and supporting gaming rules by Andrea Sfiligoi, creator of Song of Blades and Heroes

  • Welcome to Cappuccinos!

    Welcome to Cappuccinos is a novel about a jackal and how life is supposed to be awesome for him, but sometimes life has other plans.

  • Calamity

    Xavier is charged to help his group survive the onslaught of two evil deities, but can they endure the horrors that will be unleashed?

  • Shinte Warrior martial arts role-playing gamebook series

    Creating a fantasy genre series of interactive role-playing game books ("Choose your own adventure" style) with amazing illustrations.