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  • The Tie Maker Relaunch: Premium Neckwear for Men

    Your Choice of Premium Neckties. No Middlemen. No Retail Markups. All the essential ties you need without paying an arm and a leg.

  • The Love Glove

    We have solved your cold winter hands in the form of a glove. You now can hold your loved ones hand in every situation without the cold

  • Automated Comfort - Linq Smart Vents

    Finally, Room-by-Room Temperature Control. No more being too hot or too cold at home. Save up to 30% of your energy bill.

  • Ivory Threads Endangered Animal Relief

    We are a charitable company working hard to patch the threatened areas of the world, harmful to endangered species everywhere.

  • Wiggly Pen Luxurious & Mightier than the Sword.

    The Wiggly Pen is an attractive, artfully designed pen that playfully wiggles, while remaining functional.

  • REVOLT Device Charger: Power to the People™

    True Power Mobility:Everything you need to charge your device on the go! REVOLT combines 6 features into 1 sleek, compact charging unit

  • Count Bites

    Count Bites is a health promotion wristband and mobile app that facilitate weight loss by quantifying and tracking food intake.

  • The Main Drain - Attachable Urinal

    The Main Drain is an adjustable urinal that attaches to your toilet, it can be used without needing to lift the toilet seat!

  • Sue's Serenity

    Sue's Serenity is homemade all-natural organic products made with an array of essential blends.

  • Survivor - a scifi feature starring Kevin Sorbo

    An action-packed sci-fi adventure, featuring spaceships, flesh-eating mutants, wormholes, laser guns and Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo.

  • Nebo Motion Controlled Slider: The World's Lightest Slider

    The world's most lightweight and portable motion controlled slider for video and timelapse photography.

  • The Crown and the Dragon (feature film)

    "The Crown and the Dragon" is an independent fantasy/adventure feature film shot entirely on location in Ireland.

  • Articulate: #ExploringCommunication&TechnologyThroughDance

    WCDC is creating a unique, interactive performance where you will be encouraged to USE your phones, not put them away!

  • The Locals Only Shirt

    My hometown skate park of Provo, Utah was the worst, so I want honor it with a shirt! "Locals Only" 'cause no one else comes.

  • South Paw EP

    A 6 song EP by Music Project "South Paw" needing help funding the rest of the recording and Printing.

  • Stately Type - Hand-lettered US Map Prints & T-shirts

    A hand-lettered, letterpress map of the United States, plus hand-lettered, high-quality, individual US state t-shirts.

  • Debut Album from Michael Adam Grace is Leaving

    Songs filled with sadness, longing and regret, Grace is Leaving will showcase the unique sound I've cultivated over time.

  • the COBURNS – iPad stands

    Minimalist Wood iPad Stands. Handcrafted in the USA.

  • Spheres of Power: A New Pathfinder Magic System

    Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.

  • Music of Daniel Nash - Video Game Music Concert

    A concert featuring original music written for video games! Like "lightningbug" by Paperquest!