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  • The Joaquin Review

    A new quarterly magazine focused on classic arts/literature as well as works from contemporary writers & coverage of current issues.

  • The Fierce Traveler

    I will become a full-time traveler/wayfarer, HQ video document the blunders, triumphs, and friends on the road and trail for one year.

  • Valhalla - A Nordic Rock Opera

    Capturing the magic of Nordic mythology and the epic clashes between Vikings and Christians brought to life in one rocking album.

  • Lingo Games

    If you want to learn a language and are not sure where to start, Your answer is Lingo

  • Fidgi Pen: A Fidget Toy Disguised As A Pen

    We have created a fidget toy that is disguised as a pen. The first of its kind with 7 different features to let you fidget discreetly.

  • The Light Rail: A New Musical

    We are making a musical! It is "The Light Rail", with book by Chelsea Hickman, and music and lyrics by Kira Stone.

  • Krispy Kegger Cereal-Breakfast Cereal for the morning after

    Krispy Keggers are keg shaped, tasty cereal bites that go great with milk, beer, plain party mix or just about anything you want.

  • Project We Love
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    An all-ages fantasy-adventure graphic novel.

  • Project We Love
    C7c16061eda11824d39ca41923a4b5ab original

    Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.

  • Project We Love
    5c111614ad91cef1d5cd5531f7ca144c original

    A parody art project, commenting on the ancient origins of modern Japanese game culture.  浮世絵ヒーロー

  • Project We Love

    Mid-Finger Rings are a sophisticated accessory for fashionable fingers everywhere. Simple. Elegant. Fine Sterling Silver.

  • Project We Love
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    The new film from the creators of "An Evening with My Comatose Mother," starring Doug Jones, Dameon Clarke and Amrita Acharia.

  • Project We Love
    1b67a587e068f96ada47dda775b5f60d original

    A fighting RPG with a gorgeous Japanese style! Every backer gets a free download of the game! OS / Android / Windows Phone / PC / Mac

  • Project We Love
    56e8430f9c591b1240add5711faec2e4 original

    Printed collection of short comics made for various books, magazines, anthologies and personal projects.

  • Project We Love
    946667f4213dd4a3bcfd309cd04ebb34 original

    Hand picked drawings from the private sketchbooks of comic artist Jake Parker.

  • Project We Love

    The world's most lightweight and portable motion controlled slider for video and timelapse photography. Now available through our website and ships within 2-5 business days.

  • Project We Love
    F0922f57c887ad19d9aece51bfb74839 original

    Minimalist Wood iPad Stands. Handcrafted in the USA.

  • Project We Love
    Ac292aa696d608f9601a9d865849c830 original

    A concert featuring original music written for video games! Like "lightningbug" by Paperquest!

  • Project We Love
    501023c7caec54c68089ab1249a40497 original

    Introducing the culmination of power and finess that will revolutionize the feline fashion industry. Cat is the new Black.

  • Project We Love
    820e3730e13cf0eae956c6a1842ae736 original

    To be or not to be is still the question.