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  • Oath Anthology of New Heroes

    Oath is queer superhero comic anthology by queer creators, creating representation we deserve in a book everyone can read.

  • Ladies of Kirk

    An illustrated guide to all the women Captain Kirk ever kissed.

  • Souls of Darkness, a retro style Dark Souls book

    Remember the Worlds of Power books? I'm making a parody book in that style but all about Dark Souls.

  • Jammly Jams & Jellies

    Small batch jams and jellies from Portland, Oregon

  • Pulp Girls: PRINCE-S STARthief

    Comic creators extraordinaire Martin & Celor take you to a galaxy of action with the first crazy/sexy/fun tale of Prince-S STARthief!!!


    Ten unique visions of the underworld by ten authors of horror and dark fantasy color illustrated by Les Edwards.

  • Night of Ashes

    A Theatrical Prequel to Hell's Rebels, the current Pathfinder Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing

  • The Jesus Story

    The Jesus Story blends all four Gospel accounts into a single harmonious narrative while capturing the essence of every writer.

  • SLAZER for Pebble Time

    It's a laser for your smartwatch. SLAZER fits Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. It's awesome.

  • TaterVille- Giant Stuffed Baked Potatos

    Come get baked!

  • Thinker Tinker Maker: Game Inserts & CCG Boxes

    Board game inserts and CCG storage boxes to organize your game shelf and allow for more games expansions.

  • Elemental Mixology needs Plumbing

    The plumbing fixtures in the wall don't match the sinks, now on bed stands and wobbly. Times are tight and plumbing costs plenty! Help!

  • The All: Origin

    Origin is the first chapter of The All. Take on the world as the Dragon Nim in this third-person open-world action adventure RPG.

  • Blaze'n Pontiac Grill

    Basically home style foods as huge sandwiches, burgers, and apps. Limitited to NOTHING. Irish,Mexican, cajãn, southern bqq even veggies

  • Survival

    Help me and friends make a survival horror short film about 3 campers and 3 cons fighting one another for survival in the Oregon woods.


    Bringing a finishing touch to any sports fan collection.

  • Japanese Arts & Culture Experience -KAMUI & Mika Kobayashi-

    Collaborative performances with amazing samurai sword arts of KAMUI and stunning melody of Mika Kobayashi!!

  • TheOneTAR Goes to Spiel Essen

    Send Tiffany, aka TheOneTAR, to the Spiel Essen convention in Germany to cover the event in style!

  • Steel Door Gallery - Helping Emerging and Mid-Career Artists

    Steel Door Gallery is a Portland, OR based art gallery that specializes in developing and showcasing emerging and mid-career artists

  • The Complete "The Oracle"AD&D fanzine reprint, 1982-1983

    A bound reprint of a delightful AD&D fanzine almost single-handedly created by a teenager in the 1980s.