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Explore 4 live projects

  • TurnsPro | Time Lapse Camera Mount - for everyone!

    TurnsPro | Timelapse Camera Mount to create panning time lapse videos or movies with your phone, DSLR or GoPro! Simple.Intuiative

  • The Skeleton Who Wanted To Be Whole

    A little skeleton tries to beef up her tiny frame in a tragic comedy which explores memory and mortality.

  • Construction Lamp

    Bamboo Construction Lamp - A construction Kit for the Big Kid inside all of us.

  • Serendipity Glassware - new workshop

    I create glassware using various techniques including fusing and slumping. I have created coasters and dishes with more to follow.

  • Nom de Strip: Issue 4

    Help us make issue 4 of Nom de Strip, a journal of arts and culture for the South West of England.

  • Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition

    Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition - fast, rules-lite, sword and sorcery roleplaying in the Lands of Lemuria.

  • Fish-Hearted Bride: Tour Development

    Fish-Hearted Bride is a beautiful gothic fairytale which happens underwater. We want to tour to aquariums and pools across the UK.

  • LEGO DOOM: Mars in Bricks

    A 5 episode mini series based on the popular video game.

  • Starman (2013) - Short Film

    This wistful tale tells the story of Eric, a young man who compares his sense of alienation, to an astronaut floating in space.

  • Company B Debut Album

    Cornish Jump Jive band Company B record and release long awaited debut album featuring a combination of covers and original tunes.

  • The Adventures of HarleyQuinn

    Children's book based on the adventures of my cat who recently died. :-( Need funding for an illustrator & to start publishing.

  • Publish 1st Issue of P.U.L.P. Arts Magazine

    P.U.L.P. Arts Magazine is a publication to highlight and support emerging artists, as well as established artists that we admire.

  • microstove

    Minimalist camping/hiking stove for use with solid fuel tablets, also acts as a trivet on a meths burner. So small it fits in a wallet!

  • Ephemeron: A Critique of Artists as Curators in Practice

    Six Plymouth College of Art students are curating a collective of art works with differing mediums at KARST Gallery 17th-18th April

  • 'The Old Familiar' - A post-apocalyptic short film

    Trekking through an apocalyptic land, a step father and daughter find their beloved cafe, but they unknowingly step towards danger...

  • CartoonFace The Project

    A cartoon face design project we’ll create amazing cartoon faces of everyone to use anywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Forums exc...

  • Plymouth College of Art GRADUATE FASHION SHOW 2014

    #FASHIONSTUDENTPROBLEMS Help us BA (Hons) Fashion students at PCA with showcasing our hard work at our Graduate Fashion Show 2014

  • Visiting Hour: short film

    A father son reunion, after the dad walked out on the family 40 years ago, but things don't go according to plan, funny and disturbing.

  • Foreword Graduate Show, Free Range

    A project aimed at raising money for a collaborative end of degree photographic exhibition based in London. It's kind of a big deal.

  • Exim Dance Company: ImPACT Tour

    Exim Dance Company is an exciting emerging dance company based in the South West of England, who devise honest and captivating work.