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  • Spenner: Fidget Spinner Pen

    The very first fidget spinner pen was designed to perfection to feel like a normal pen and achieve a high spinning duration.

  • Wild (Indomptable) - A Supernatural Period Piece

    Supernatural short film set in rural 1930s, mixing a period-piece look with bold visuals inspired by Suspiria and Neon Demon.

  • The Canadian Nightingale

    Publishing a biography of a forgotten Canadian singer, Bertha Crawford, giving her the place she deserves in Canadian history.

  • PinHeads: Bridge Peg Caps

    A new innovation to personalize your guitar! Available in six designs.

  • ELCO Wallet: simple, practical, secure

    The ELCO Secure Wallet is a trusty companion that keeps your cards and cash safe, so you can be carefree.

  • Wings For Clowns - Deaf Children's Theatre

    Our deaf actors, aged 9 yrs to17 yrs, are hoping to have the opportunity to share and play and bridge the gap between their deaf worlds

  • K.Media

    K.Media, is an online content driven website, documenting lifestyle and upcoming trendsetters catered to the millennials.

  • Project We Love
    90a83343d91cba22c1949709691f7a7b original

    An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.

  • Project We Love
    20b0abc0d0efb61562bbe9fcc7570303 original

    These weavings playfully show the invisible relationships between the contours of the constructed objects in our lived environment.

  • Project We Love
    F25e4f9aabf9fc0a7b1eceb4359d8afd original

    Retro, epic narwhal battle in space! The heart-piercing action is furious and unrelenting. STARWHAL will change your life.

  • Project We Love
    B38c95d2082afdca1a8ace8a7db23ff0 original

    FrankenDie is a game of dice rolling, frantic dashing to the graveyard, body part gathering and racing to reanimate your creature.

  • Project We Love
    4318fbc476c5c88f0c44071bf770931c original

    A classic christmas album without the christmas classics. A timeless, heartfelt original christmas album by mFt

  • Project We Love
    4bf8c6b64a857455bbf9c3c003e595c5 original

    A sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller.

  • Project We Love
    C6ce29d6aa23e94bf71e1c967b626fc4 original

    A first-person space combat experience featuring epic large-scale battles, an in-depth story, and extensive ship customization.

  • Project We Love
    57aceee50fb06b19adf5dcc3c7fbaa8d original

    Fund an acclaimed book series, rebuild a virtual life, save fictional stray cats, and find out what happened!

  • Project We Love
    D2912467766f5e2e001d6edf0b4e8870 original

    A shared consciousness cyberpunk RPG, about hyper-competent operatives fighting evil corporations.

  • Project We Love
    Bbffd49686d79faa4420cb901680db14 original

    Project 365 is over, photo book in development. Now I need funding to get this book to all those of you who have asked me for it!

  • Project We Love
    11540f705ac8f4492b8b15391073bbd2 original

    Zoo Legacy is recording a new album with a Juno award-winning producer in New York City. Hip-hop swag, indie rock grit. Pre-order here!

  • Project We Love
    33105567d0569b27e2c4117ebd959df0 original

    An epic adventure romance through Latin America on a scooter during a time when such a journey was virtually unheard of.

  • Project We Love
    26ec017921acd79516e8e9b2dd7b7038 original

    Opening the first cat café in Ottawa, Canada's Capital. Serving up delicious local food and coffee while helping rescue cats!

  • Project We Love
    3edb97fc03936ec0cdce114ebc881553 original

    LIMITED EDITION. Explosive tale in provocative poetry + art of the fated reunion in UK between one Woman & her Male Muse.

  • Project We Love
    8eb5fe9504501e583fe64d58a6a4f0fb original

    Psssst...Laura of Waffle Kisses is creating a sewing and visual arts classroom/studio in Mad About Patchwork's new space.

  • Project We Love
    7ffe796d63c7b7f00380c318b63b1120 original

    A limited edition, faithful reproduction of the original 1974 CBC Graphic Standards Manual.

  • Project We Love
    Ff100aff8817d0dac30c2c2ee7ab045f original

    Interactive children's book + your very own fairy door = year round family fun!!! Donate a book to a children's hospital = very cool