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  • The Entrepreneur Girl - Book Series

    The Entrepreneur Girl - a children's book series exhibiting adventure, leadership, and everyday girls who lead their world.

  • Bakesplit- Universal Baking Sheet Divider

    Cook two separate meals on the same piece of bakeware. Upgrade your baking, meal prepping, and kitchen efficiency!

  • I Am (Full-Figured) Woman Hear Me Roar!

    women with full those curves!

  • Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight - board game

    The standalone sequel to The Manhattan Project by the same designer. Command your nation's nuclear weapons program during the cold war.

  • Angel on My Shoulder Backpack

    "Angel on My Shoulder" is designed for style and safety. It has lighted, reflective wings that would make any children visible at dusk!

  • The Advice Tent, A Self-Help Performance

    An event where people with real problems can get live advice from 30 individual experts.

  • spanglemaker - DEADLINES

    Our 5th album is almost finished and we need your help to get it released!

  • Project We Love
    2670d857b2cf645e073437b76f291ff4 original

    This film follows 90-year-old Merle Hayden, the last crusading devotee of aviation pioneer Alfred Lawson's movement, Lawsonomy.

  • Project We Love
    Aa154876cf81b9a77b990ee2e43acea2 original

    "What's did, is did"

  • Project We Love
    F53f1f4891bf891b4b5aaa0db3b530e6 original

    A gateway Euro style pickup and deliver game based on random hex tiles.

  • Project We Love
    B784a4b6da64e850661b07d42add5c58 original

    A triangle between an ambitious young writer, a pompous critic, and a frightfully lovable little creature.

  • Project We Love
    Ba02b7496ab38974c94b513ccc27c62d original

    Three friends on New Years Eve try to write a play without jeopardizing their friendship.

  • Project We Love
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    A recording based on the amazing provenance and history of the "Lipinski" Stradivarius violin, crafted in 1715.

  • Project We Love
    4aa312c81cde05e946959866e9e2b638 original

    The first full band, full length studio album from Joe Neary, featuring 10 original songs.

  • Project We Love
    F102c6b7dd968e2e77c60237b681aaac original

    My new record, SILVER LADDER, produced by Chuck Prophet, is the best thing I've ever made. Help me give it a good shake in the world!

  • Project We Love
    528f374051d4ee23a86e7f92b4a1f43e original

    Help Us Celebrate Milwaukee's Other Favorite Brew

  • Project We Love
    Bcf5974316b089b855c9596d9aed4e58 original

    Simple hand efficiency card game using dual-purpose cards in a quick and exciting race to build bombs.

  • Project We Love
    7b4faae3e645f7f2d435fa8e155935a7 original

    We love soup! Simmer Truck is bringing the best homemade soup to the streets of Milwaukee. Help us take that last step to get there.

  • Project We Love
    Cfba95221a4513223b55446422832732 original

    WMSE, a community-funded radio station in Milwaukee, WI needs to replace its in-house digital studio to keep live music on the air.

  • Project We Love
    9b77da3aee0858a3157020a330ecdb05 original

    I would like to print highlights from my sketchbooks over the years into a collected book of work, a first volume of more to come.