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  • Project We Love
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    VLAD THE ASTROPHYSICIST — An Illustrated Book for Old Souls

    "Are there intelligent civilizations in this universe other than ours?" One day I had a conversation with Vlad, and this is our story.

  • Project We Love
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    Help fund CROOKHAVEN's debut album

    A Franco-American folk record: join us to make it come to life! Un album folk franco-americain: rejoignez-nous pour qu'il prenne vie!

  • Mussel Madness

    Mussel Madness is the cooperative board game to save the Great Lakes... Can you survive the invasion? Ages 10+ 2-5 players 60 min

  • The Incognito Cat

    All cats are sneaky, but this one follows his family on dog walks - incognito. Inspired by the true story and photos of our tabby.

  • White Owl TV Series--A Milwaukee Based Web Series

    White Owl is the story of Katy; after years of saving every day people, she finds herself pitted against her greatest enemy yet

  • Treeplenish

    We live in a world where we lack real food and quality air, and plummet through limited resources. Let's change all of that!

  • Lucha De Muerte

    Here it is! My first full length album is written and I can't wait to share it with all of you! We've got 30 days lets make it happen!

  • Saga of the Northmen board game

    A lightweight Dark Ages wargame of shifting alliances. Players use influence cards to deploy units to try to achieve hidden goals.

  • Outer Rim Space Shooter

    Outer Rim is an endless space shooter reminiscent of classic space shooters from the 80s. PC/Mac

  • 53206 Milwaukee

    53206 Milwaukee is a film based off of the events that occur in Milwaukee's worst zip code. It has the highest crime rate in the (U.S.)

  • Project We Love
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    "What's did, is did"

  • Project We Love
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    A triangle between an ambitious young writer, a pompous critic, and a frightfully lovable little creature.

  • Project We Love
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    This film follows 96-year-old Merle Hayden, the last crusading devotee of aviation pioneer Alfred Lawson's movement, Lawsonomy.

  • Project We Love
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    Our goal is to build and maintain a creative screen printing space where we, and other like-minded artists, can create.

  • Project We Love
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    Three friends on New Years Eve try to write a play without jeopardizing their friendship.

  • Project We Love
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    A new cookbook for people who love craft beer, cooking with fresh produce, and sharing meals in sociable garden spaces

  • Project We Love
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    Webseries with adventures through music videos led by your host, Tabman, and his magical remote control.

  • Project We Love
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    Hot dogs? Yuck! S'mores? Yawn. Our cookbook, Pudgie Revolution!, brings campfire cookery to the next level--pudgie pie style!

  • Project We Love
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    'Jeff' is a feature documentary film that tells the story of the people around Jeffrey Dahmer during the summer of his arrest in 1991.

  • Project We Love
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    Do you enjoy photos of cats dressed up as magical creatures? Do you use a calendar? Yes? Then we have something awesome for you.