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  • Hidden Zipper, Waterproof, & Kevlar Reinforced Backpack

    The last backpack you will need. Secure backside zipper, water proof and many more features.

  • Relieve Pain + Get Weight off your Shoulder w/ C-REST

    10 minutes! Relieve Stress & Pain in Neck & Shoulder. C-REST is comfortable personal massager. Portable, so you can rest anywhere.

  • Easy way to stop itchy skin!

    We want to facilitate a easy way for Skin cleansing. With no additional Lotion, Cream, Peeling and whatever else exists.

  • Undivided New Album

    Complete the recording of the new album and release it next year. Album No. 6 will be a collection of covers songs and originals.

  • Photography Passion

    I want to turn my passion for photography into a job opportunity. But i can't do it without your support.

  • Posture Kush - Next Best - Back Reliever

    Back Pains? Say No More! This revolutionary, elegant design helps to curve your spine into the correct seating solution

  • TouSháve - Unisex Shower Shaving System

    TouSháve, the first razor & shaving cream holder with DETACHABLE, defogging mirror on the market! Designed for maximum convenience!

  • Therapy: Memoir of a Survivor

    Everybody has a story to tell. This is mine. I want to help others in similar situations to have hope that they too will survive.

  • Homeschool Adventures: Welcome to Our World

    A Three-Book Project. Welcome to our world! Real homeschool events and stories used to create entertaining fiction books for children.

  • Cuffi's Earbandz

    This is the latest fashion trend for boys and girls. Cuffi's Earbandz come in different colors and with different messages.

  • Journey For Peace: a Dream Campaign & Documentary

    Traveling America looking for people who have found PEACE in following their DREAMS and want to inspire others to do the same. Join us?

  • Nirvana

    3rd album project entitled Nirvana. The place at peace within oneself. If youve loved my Underdog and Audioart Youll love this

  • Baby Naptime Adventures

    Finally a way to get awesome pictures of my new born baby while he sleeps.


    Hello, I want to take my musical project forward Pedrito Camacho and CLAN . I'm a Cuban artist living in USA and I am 13 year career.

  • Get THE BANANA LADY Online!!

    THE BANANA LADY needs your help! Let's get this warehouse turned into a commercial kitchen so we can start shipping you breads, YES?

  • The kid who lives to see his dreams

    this is about a kid , who lives to see his dreams,.after growing up in the big city of new york,..and goes to miami,.to live,.his life,

  • Superconductor Bullet Keychain

    Awesome EDC bullet keychain with inlay in copper-niobium superconductor

  • The Halo Collar

    Our devices allow us to not only know where our pets are, but what they are doing, and what they are seeing.

  • The American Train Part II - Our Future Forward - HSRAC

    The sequel to the acclaimed student documentary film on bringing bullet trains and high-speed rail to the United States

  • #slctvst - The Slacktivist App

    Find yourself slacking off on your activism? Hard to keep track of which cause you haven't posted about? THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!