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  • Fidget Blox

    Fidget Blox, the fidget block that keeps on folding!

  • Cyber-Boy: The Animated Series

    Cyber-Boy is an all out epic action-adventure animated series. Our goal is to produce a high quality all-ages series.

  • SPINPAL Stout | Hand Spinner and Pencil Topper Fidget Toy

    A small, durable spinner with substantial weight and performance. A fun and easy way to increase focus and concentration for anyone.

  • Lloyd McCarter & The Honky Tonk Revival

    NEW ALBUM - Lloyd McCarter & The Honky Tonk Revival are recording a new FULL LENGTH album consisting of ALL original songs

  • BlackShirt Clothing

    I am creating and designing lines of clothing under my brand "BlackShirt Clothing" this is a unique step in fashion.

  • Project We Love
    Ad2356b0764f5912fb0ec4bcffc6652e original

    Twisters, trains and titans collide in this make-it-yourself musical. Join the quest where gods and monsters rule the Wild (mid)-West.

  • Project We Love
    522d2d007091e9d56ee4ce296d78db70 original

    A multi-dimensional musical spectacular filled with singing and dinosaurs and most of all, chaos. 3D theater at its finest!

  • Project We Love
    8923b8b4c6d33137870edbf189e60344 original

    "X Files: The Musical" is a joyful celebration and parody, staged in a backyard in Lincoln, Nebraska. Community theater at its best.

  • Project We Love
    0df21acb4e39231502f46219bc1f6bd7 original

    The 808 is the creative world of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Ryan James.

  • Project We Love
    F8be9f1f06b4869daeb7c00116d4bc7e original

    A play within a play (within a play?) The "Inception" of backyard musicals. With great power comes... little to no responsibility.

  • Project We Love
    634950db6f5aeceaa1fd8bdb5f756d8a original

    New collection that uses PVC, tree branches, sterling silver, spray paint and other materials to create one of a kind jewelry.

  • Project We Love
    304976172d580af0737b0b0841f2ea58 original

    This board is perfect for any robotics project that needs stepper motors like a DIY CNC, laser engraver, or 3D printer.

  • Project We Love
    A9bf9f8ee450a89aaef57abac842d9ab original

    Composer Rusty Banks creates "Ashfall," inspired by fossil beds in Nebraska, to be premiered and recorded by Nebraska Chamber Players

  • Project We Love
    D9d3c3b83a07997f6d1b138a71bdd6fb original

    A puppet theatre adaptation of the classic 1933 film King Kong by local actor and puppeteer Ladd Wendelin.

  • Project We Love
    9aaeff68a99f89895c236028ce1685d0 original

    Convert my food truck to solar power by adding a solar powered generator and solar panels.

  • Project We Love
    C3fb3f36b491b263407cd674b8794619 original

    Chiropractical is a new original musical comedy by Nick Jester! We need funding to rent the space and buy/create supplies.

  • Project We Love
    27889d2b3873a7723aceaff8bd8d52a3 original

    The Skyros Quartet records their debut album, featuring works of Britten, Turina, and Sibelius.

  • Project We Love
    E3ef326da7b06fd2da8e8b3434eb1e55 original

    A simple physical system that exhibits intense dynamic and chaotic behavior which has a strong sensitivity to initial conditions.

  • Project We Love
    4257f8db4bbd198623ef4c4c892d8df1 original

    "A Life in the City" is a brand new musical premiering in Lincoln, Nebraska this summer with your help!!

  • Project We Love
    C3be5e60593f59487017610a72700706 original

    Hand made goat cheese from our pastures to your table.

  • Project We Love
    A5e7aac39db31a1e0e7ca10184d29b9d original

    Battle for Sularia® is a science-fiction themed strategic card game. Unique deck construction and two resource system! For 2+ players.

  • Project We Love
    Bc74f324a0984ed598a0bb2f51bf155d original

    A cut 'n paste coloring book featuring fantasy architecture.

  • Project We Love
    D879ffa2872950f320fe88b80545c97b original

    A tough-as-nails detective investigates the murder of an old friend, but can she accept the chilling, life changing truth at the end?

  • Project We Love
    01a737210924c2b19c554d4245b1f165 original

    Legendary science fiction authors and the makers of Takamo Universe have joined forces to transform the game universe into written word