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  • Project We Love
    3db1f1a5409f9663dbc8e90f69e859e0 original

    A 250+ page hardcover book featuring the crème de la crème of drawings from acclaimed illustrator P. Craig Russell's sketchbooks.

  • Project We Love
    87e157ccc3407b5966845b83ec842524 original

    A continuation of the acclaimed educational series that teaches the art of graphic storytelling, also known as “Comics.”

  • Project We Love
    Aefcb3c95d8f758af28b6cf8f910e202 original

    The final volume of the acclaimed educational video project that teaches the art of graphic storytelling.

  • Project We Love
    Fd5f481c9eb91d512df366fb13a0ced5 original

    A continuation of the educational video project that teaches the art of graphic storytelling, also known as “comics.”

  • Project We Love
    6edaea6e3ce0ef14fea2f1640c004832 original

    Flyover Country is an independent monthly literary magazine dedicated to promoting writers from the Midwest and Midwestern literature.

  • Project We Love
    88840a988932f6f98baeb47bf24b9860 original

    A story of the world's most heavily bombed country. Part narrative, part motion graphic, an animated short film about Laos and the U.S.

  • Project We Love
    34c81e4beac8ccc00e6a52f3e2d0227f original

    I believe in the cultural value of creativity. MTW archives ideas & experiences through the sharing of a simple object: The Coffee Mug

  • Project We Love
    52a2cb9f6855cca4c796b5f04e24a398 original

    Someday you will tell your kids that you were part of The David Mayfield Parade album #2 and they will say "whats an album?"

  • Project We Love
    8b8f38d402a5cb19bebc718cd561cf2d original

    A 12"X17" hardcover book scanned from the original art. Each b&w page is scanned in color to show blue pencil and other corrections.

  • Project We Love
    748daa10ecb84494d0dac00186eecdb4 original

    Want to tell that special someone you care? I’ll send a handmade postcard to your crush, from a secret admirer.

  • Project We Love
    Ae9215832c67fe8e9cded7aa28b35a48 original

    An adult coloring book featuring stunning images by the artist of CORALINE and THE GRAVEYARD BOOK graphic novel!

  • Project We Love
    Fc34225fdf1f7e23fd22b1247ee7c983 original

    The class of 2012 is graduating and is looking for sponsors to make their yearbook a memorable one. Oh, their school is haunted, too.

  • Project We Love
    29a6ee465b2e13a254617e974b697d1f original

    CREEPO follows two battling wizards, a couple of inept depression era con men and Ben Franklin through the strangest adventures ever.

  • Project We Love
    6d73aa5717916d6d12b8f8b8ee9a1a67 original

    Ancient Astronaut space mission patches featuring Stonehenge, Easter Island Moai heads, Sphinx & pyramids as NASA-style insignia.

  • Project We Love
    29094cefd56c33e0149973ffa484c612 original

    "Sasquatch Brigade" embroidered patch #3 in Bigfoot/Yeti paranormal/cryptid art merch kit, original art. Velcro! Backpack/EDC ready.

  • Project We Love
    5629091db6bf6ae068e3fb38c2aef8d5 original

    Americana songwriter, Roger Hoover, will be releasing his new record, Pastures of Plenty, in May 2016.

  • Mothman, Chupacabra & Kraken embroidered patch set expanding the Paranormal Forces military-inspired cryptozoological patch series.

  • Unique Italian extra virgin olive oil delivered to your home. Buy three or more and maintain preferred customer discount on reorders.

  • Fox fables is an imaginative deck of 5x5 cards with fox illustrations on the front , and a corresponding poetic short story on the back

  • Halloween-themed motorcycle club/biker gang style patches. Skull, jack-o-lantern, witch, black cat, scarecrow, owl, bat & spider.

  • A continuation of the educational video project that teaches the art of graphic storytelling, also known as “comics.”

  • An educational web series that teaches the art of graphic storytelling, also known as “Comics.”

  • Krampus coat-of-arms heraldic shield embroidered patches.

  • "Cryptid Command" Series 1, Paranormal Forces. Embroidered Patch 3-pack: Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster (Nessie), UFO/Aliens. Velcro!