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  • Singing Bowl Symphony

    A symphony of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

  • Amanda Hughey - EP

    I am heading into the studio to work with a top notch producer to release a brand new EP and need your support!

  • In Another Country: A Memoir

    Bring awareness to the goodness of the Middle East by helping to send my manuscript to those with authority to get the word out!

  • Sid the Sasquatch

    Take a peek behind the scenes at the life of a young Sasquatch, with the new children's book Sid the Sasquatch! Sid shirts are here!

  • Life Turning

    Life Turning is a lateral zoetrope displaying Kansas City dance and is intended to be viewed by the riders of the Kansas City streetcar

  • Night Music

    We know what goes bump in the night, but where does the music come from that lulls us to sleep?

  • EnArts: A New Performing Arts Organization

    Moving Hearts toward God through the Arts -

  • Wearable Smart Video Camera Camcorder HD Bluetooth Headset

    Wearable DigiOptix Smart Camera allows you to record HD video, and use Bluetooth function to take picture, receive calls, listen music.

  • On the Training of Doctors: A Queer Erotic BDSM Novel

    Follow Devan, Varick, Carmine, and Kieran on their journey through the winding paths of trauma, recovery and truths laid bare.

  • Project We Love
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    Open source initiative to make affordable eco-housing widely accessible.

  • Project We Love
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    A psychological horror about a young woman coping with an unwanted pregnancy after moving into a haunted house.

  • Project We Love
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    Christopher Good's first feature film. Produced by Megan Mantia. Starring Jimmy Darrah and Wilson Vance.

  • Project We Love
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    Help the National Audio Theatre Festivals, a non-profit organization, produce the HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival.

  • Project We Love
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    Wilderness Brewing Co is an artistic effort to bring artisan beer brewed in small quantities to a wider circle of thirsty individuals.

  • Project We Love
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    I want to celebrate the storied history of pro wrestling by painting a portrait of every heavyweight champion.

  • Project We Love
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    PLUG PROJECTS is a curatorial exploration, co-directed by five artists working out of studios/ exhibition space in Kansas City, MO.

  • Project We Love
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    Thank You for helping us make Kansas City' first cat café a reality!!!

  • Project We Love
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    In order to bring our all natural snow cones to the masses, we need to purchase more equipment and make some renovations to our Shasta trailer.

  • Project We Love
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    The Chemical Gallery is an art gallery of video installations, sculptures, and images which teach viewers about chemistry.

  • Project We Love
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    The best chai you'll ever drink, guaranteed. Start every day with a delicious smile, shared between you and the ones you love.