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  • "Celestial Resonance" - Let heaven and nature sing! <3

    As above, so below: Journey into the infinite heart with divine music from back to back best new age album winners Paradiso & Rasamayi!

  • J-Crew Productions - Spy/Action Short Film

    J-Crew Productions is making a spy/action short film for the 1152 Hour Film Festival we need equipment and effects to make it right!

  • Night Terrors - Augmented Reality Survival Horror

    A photorealistic, ultra immersive gaming experience that transforms your home into a terrifying, unfamiliar hellscape.

  • Crazy Daisy Food Truck

    Crazy Daisy will become the newest member of the food truck distributors in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Analog Drift

    Analog Drift tells the story of an artificial intelligence and its journey to learn the audio-visual language of its creators.

  • Mary Jane Strain Games

    A NEW Design Style of Playing Cards using Marijuana Strains & Weights instead of the Traditional Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks & numbers.

  • Your City's Running & Cycling Community

    Connect with your running and cycling community, sign up for events, join clubs, and find trails. Launch in your city.

  • Spoiled Secrets

    I am creating a book about sexual abuse. Being a victim myself, my hope is that my book will give at least one person hope.

  • A Modern Holy Land

    A short documentary & paired photo exhibition showing daily life in the Holy Land, the often mis-represented lands of Israel & Jordan.

  • Paradox City

    Heroes meets Breaking Bad: Heroes go bad, Villains seek redemption in this sci fi thriller. No one enters Paradox City, no one leaves

  • On The Training of Doctors

    Enter the world of Dr. Sung, an doctor on the edge of losing himself. Finding comfort in bondage, he becomes more than before.

  • Ugly Animal Cards

    Inspire curiosity... with playful, quirky animal cards that bring joy, educate, and stimulate.

  • How Many Stories in a Cupcake?

    Writer's block and an afternoon in the kitchen inspired me to create a simple way — a recipe — to teach children how to write stories.

  • The Horde: Remembrance (Short Film)

    Part two of a short horror film series that looks into different peoples lives during "Zombie" like outbreak.

  • People Are Worth More Than What Society Expects Them To Be

    This project portrays individual's uniqueness for exactly who they. Today society and social media makes it hard for people to do that.

  • Silver: A Noir Ballet

    We're creating a ballet based on The Odyssey, featuring an 8-piece jazz band. We'll debut the show at the KC Fringe Fest in July, 2015.

  • King of Tortuga Card Game

    King of Tortuga is a pirate-themed player elimination card game for up to eight players.

  • New Vegan Makeup Line Seeking Funding - QUEEN OF WANDS

    I have always wanted to start up my own makeup line, and now with your help you can help make this dream come true for me!

  • Mellows

    mellows will contain no profanity, and will be a 52 part web series ranging from 1-5 minutes for each episode.

  • ZAngelique Designs - Feather Flower Designs

    We create beautiful floral designs with roses that are made out of FEATHERS for weddings, school fundraisers, and other special events!