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  • Publishing "Lost in a Minefield; the Suicide Years"

    A tale of my life as a person affected by Depression & Anxiety. From my stories, I hope to help destigmatize issues re: mental health.

  • Classic Hand-drawn Pet Portraits

    You love your pet so get their portrait drawn and let their unique personality shine! Choose from mini or large, black or colored!

  • Skyview Album "Of Love & Despair"

    Four years in the making, Skyview is finishing the final stages of their record, "Of Love & Despair" with producer Lee Dyess.

  • The Liv, Project

    I am launching what I believe is the most honest and straight forward apparel launch 100 cups of coffee can muster... for them and us.

  • MoonCheese Burgers

    Unique and original burgers, at MoonCheese Burgers. We are bringing to life unique Caribbean recipes, for burgers and sauces.

  • Swanky Explorers | World Traveler Monthly Subscription Box

    Swanky Explorers is artisan inspired items from the most exotic cities around the world delivered straight to your door.


    A 71% Christian America. A 73% millennial disconnect. Jason A. Peoples' #Benefailure explores finding faith that socially connects.

  • Easy Leveling Fryer Stand (ELF Stand)

    Safely and easily cook anywhere. Level and more stable frying and cooking no matter what ground surface you are on.

  • Urban Survival Guide

    In a world obsessed with the dystopian society, very few have the basic skills necessary to survive doomsday. Let me show you the ropes

  • Project We Love
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    Assist indie-folk rockers Robin Rütenberg & Friends as they head into the studio for the first time to record their debut EP: Sea Legs!

  • Project We Love
    E2baf37ac7a10253b28773e9c2ee4457 original

    Newman wants to propose to Gwen, he just has to conquer his fears and the unstoppable evil making it's way across the city.

  • Project We Love
    Db913dbfb91388994375d3d65e924023 original

    Written by a 4 yr old & drawn by her 30 yr old dad. Help us share this book with you, your family and kids at hospitals and libraries!

  • Project We Love
    354a6fe59c86e0ef26f6bdc3422e4fd4 original

    Citrus Cel's mission is to create an environment that celebrates animation as a cultural and commercial medium.

  • Project We Love
    7ecb33f47a6a4db53e5b1cc1509b53c3 original

    At the edge of explored space an adventure awaits technician Dan Johnson. He's not prepared, not armed, and almost out of coffee.

  • Project We Love
    55478c5d5d1651d1b59e746ea27a6726 original

    Eve is a loner with extraordinary powers. When a war between powerful forces threatens the world, Eve must find the strength to change.

  • Project We Love
    6e28ce065d862df2f63ec30cefaf26df original

    Rice invites you to be a part of the creation of their first album and spread their message of love.

  • Project We Love
    D7d3586d2d1285088dd9a23bd4f299c9 original

    A semi-autobiographical story about a man who, failing at everything else in life, resorts to dressing in pink and fighting crime.

  • Project We Love
    81907dda1bd5e81add207521c38a0c00 original

    Action, adventure, and air pirates. The first volume of my graphic novel series, Jackie Rose.

  • Project We Love
    95aabebc406f13afb77deb3972f3b26e original

    I'm so incredibly proud of this project and I can't wait share it with everyone! I just need to get it finished!!

  • Project We Love
    2307c29292954f339610063f33e39686 original

    I'm making my first record, "V". I'm recording it by myself, but I need your help to make it happen and to play the songs live!

  • Project We Love
    D9cab9d9e50022a450c7e4b797e97c33 original

    Award-winning public radio show that travels the country telling stories about people doing extraordinary work to overcome obstacles.

  • Project We Love
    6cf05283b4386e42a38d5ffe4873272d original

    kLoB is making their first music video. Battleship has been chosen; a new song off their upcoming record Exaggerate the Follow Through.

  • Project We Love
    5d9bc50981463d871ad4b399c977e92a original

    Few journeys take you where you expect to go.

  • Project We Love
    709bb6c1de1a4dd1c70cbf986700dae0 original

    Newman and Gwen face off against the dangers of monster slaying and romance! Help fund the first printed volume of Newman!