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  • Nakefit

    NAKEFIT: Hypoallergenic adhesive pad for walking freely wherever you want!

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    Ostrich – Time, as simple as it gets

    Ready to step up your desk game? Do it with Ostrich, a minimalistic, handcrafted designer clock.

  • SINY: A Limited Edition PhotoBook

    Sicily, Ireland, New York. SINY. A photobook to capture magic of those places!

  • IMPRONTAUMANA - Graphic novel

    IMPRONTAUMANA is a dark and experimental graphic novel with a poetical lining and a strong visual impact mixing different genres.

  • KEEMOSABE - "Follow the Symbols" Mission

    KEEMOSABE are delighted to involve you in our project to launch our first STUDIO EP album and improve our LIVE performing experience.

  • Memori: make your memories eternal and interactive

    People you love can interact with you, your words, your thoughts, like in a chat. It's not immortality but it's pretty close.

  • Plantino Automatic Watering

    Plantino the most compact device that cares of your plants when you travel, go on a vacation or while you are busy or if you haven't

  • Elly audio hi-end loudspeaker

    Italian handcrafted loudspeakers from Ars Aures experience

  • Ozonated oil ointment against cutaneous fungal infections

    I'm developing the most effective and natural way to cure cutaneous fungal infections using only ozonated vegetable oil ointment

  • iCopy

    Hello! I m Antonello. I love paintings and art in all his form and I want to share it and make it more accessible to all the world.

  • Tex in Brass - suite for Brass Quintet

    "Tex in Brass" is my suite for Brass Quintet, dedicated to "Tex" italian comic for the 70th anniversary in 2018. Need to Record it

  • Il mio irresistibile diritto all'oblio

    Theatre performance composed by 3 ballads on the subject of new addictions as internet social disorder but also nynphomania and heroin.

  • Vegan show cooking

    A new concept to show & introduce the world of cooking for the vegan &/or vegetarian population by making a public show cooking

  • The Paganini Guitar (translation)

    English Translation of the Italian historical art novel "La Chitarra di Paganini" by the little known writer-guitarist Sante Bargellini

  • SeatBook

    This project wants to improve the way of seating of demanding people.

  • Tobelucky design

    We are the newest brand and the luckiest one! Wouldn't you wear some fortune every day? With the tobelucky fashion line now you can!


    libro con fotografie in analogico (tutte le foto sono state create in studio e in location adatte)

  • Project We Love
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    A lonely adolescent with a passion for swimming is persuaded to swim the English channel.....

  • Project We Love
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    GRAZIE per averci aiutati a trasformare i Fantastici 6 di Ozu in un cofanetto Blu-ray!

  • Project We Love
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    A collection of stories about monsters, the real ones we can bump into on the streets, and we often cannot even recognize. You can buy the book following the link below.

  • Project We Love
    2430f45e62ca6f5472caeb49928935a0 original

    Fabio Bucciarelli has documented the plight of refugees fleeing the revolutions of the "Arab Spring" since working in Libya in 2011.

  • Project We Love
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    The most important Italian style since WWII

  • Project We Love
    65ba0e02da40a7b8ec7c2c5d32c557b9 original

    Enki Stove Wild is a revolutionary camp stove which can let you cook and grill as a pro using everything you can find in nature

  • Project We Love
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    I'm Back™ protects your Raspberry Pi and gives you the possibility to take photos with many analog cameras SLR or rangefinder.