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  • Smartphone Camera Fingerprint Scanner: Detect Print

    Touch-less fingerprint scanner using just a smartphone camera. DetectPrint optical technology far exceeds touch based scanners.

  • Messy Cards: The Confetti Greeting Card

    Funny Pranks That Have Confetti Built Into the Card. Birthday, Congrats, Christmas, and Baby Announcement. We use confetti not glitter.

  • Selenium Argon Carbon Hydrogen [SeArCH] Periodic Table Game

    SeArCH is the Periodic Table of the Elements card game that challenges player[s] on their memorization skill of the elemental symbols.

  • The only Anti-theft,multi-function connected smart hand bag!

    Finally a Multi function utility bag with Anti theft technology that works without keys and with smart electronics has arrived!!

  • Project We Love
    F4b7ac6d0da458bfd4f18cafa49627cd original

    Pillars of Eternity is an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

  • Project We Love
    3161e0f4052407b18f68ae588f06378f original

    Finally! A dairy-free, delicious substitute for half & half. Made from almonds and coconuts, clean ingredients and all unsweetened for your sweet and savory recipes and coffee/tea.  Thank you for helping make this a reality!

  • Project We Love
    667a941a1d7ea25259fdc0b2a6d88137 original

    An 128 page art book of a wildly weird and dangerously interesting world from my imagination. Heaven’s Hell.

  • Project We Love
    Fbea8e1fc0b4d56a788a893158acc572 original

    The VYPER is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body's overall performance.

  • Project We Love
    6c3c9e88d91e0ad2ca2a848411f5f295 original

    For project updates or questions, please head over to       From the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX is a TCG / MMO that combines the best of both for your PC & MAC

  • Project We Love
    6abb1b992fb58008ca3a504a24c364ed original

    Classic tabletop fleet action with full 3D movement and inertia system and combat supporting up to 25 capital ships per side.

  • Project We Love
    1179c19b7285cc73b288b3bf6fa5ad52 original

    The Best Prank Greeting Cards Ever! 2.0 - Play 3+ hours non-stop or until battery dies!

  • Project We Love
    48ae5a7b7ee8ef7f737e18fd82460650 original

    An all-purpose protein bottle engineered to be a permanent solution for conventional, unreliable, plastic protein shakers.

  • Project We Love
    9a695cf9372f4e5f712a74b41cf73c70 original

    Prank your friends with the sound of a cricket. Hide it in places they'll never find and drive them crazy! Glitter inside when broken.

  • Project We Love
    Cf32606f92f669f569db95d98fa18340 original

    The Joker Birthday card is a musical card that NEVER STOPS PLAYING until the battery dies or you break it. And that's the point. buy now at

  • Project We Love
    C424f5211f59ff9a44a78f7dd580c7ec original

    A book of 3D photographs that explores the shape and form of individual flowers in dramatic, dimensional black and white.

  • Project We Love
    E925c3bfbe07610d83d05035f2f3f93d original

    Interact with your computer in a whole new way. Play a favorite game or app using light, motion, magnets and more. No coding required!

  • Project We Love
    6ab7bd8a7940cb981c6b109979240c9e original

    Get straight to the action. Connect sensors to your Arduino in literally 2 seconds.

  • Project We Love
    7873e52ed0a1423a21e3bf7d94de4567 original

    Reinvent learning: make science fun and invent the next generation of inventors!

  • Project We Love
    24e774bfdd6a241c5a33894c76d07987 original

    Mortifera is the story of two medieval Irish demon hunters who summon a demon of their own to battle occult arsholes.

  • Project We Love
    A1e63af9026706811bcea71e6b351df6 original

    A completely revised, greatly expanded Limited Collectors Edition of the greatest book ever on the world's favorite comedy team