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  • Friday I'm In Love: Numbers the Documentary

    FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE is a documentary about the legendary Numbers Nightclub in Houston, Texas.

  • Melange Creperie: Brick & Mortar

    We make great crepes, and we want to make MORE. After running a street stand in Houston for 5 years, it's time to move indoors.

  • Need help recording my first music demo album.

    want to create a demo cd but can't afford to record music anymore due to higher studio costs. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  • Bakebare: No oven mitt required!

    Bakebare is a brand new line of bakeware that you can remove with your barehands from the hot oven. No oven mitt or potholder needed!

  • Mighty Pizza Oven 2 (MPO2)

    Bake your favorite pizza to perfection on your backyard grill with the portable Mighty Pizza Oven 2!

  • Everything is Bigger

    Hailing from Houston, Texas, comes one of the most talented underground rap artists today, Johnny Clutch

  • Physics of THE BIG BANG THEORY

    Lighthearted book about the science of TV's most popular comedy. History of the real Big Bang Theory. Complete episode guide.

  • The Apostle Thomas in India

    A drama that brings the ancient story of "Doubting Thomas" founding the Church of India to life.

  • Champagne Photography

    Capturing Life's Beauty Through The Aperture. Help Me Share That Beauty With The World.

  • Easy to Learn Magic Trick!!

    Does your mother-in-law hate you? Does the neighbor next door intentionally make his dog poop on your lawn? Win them over today!

  • Project X Pirates

    Trying to make mixtape but I need help.

  • Deck100 — 100 cards to replace dice & enhance your RPG

    These 100 playing cards replace the dice in any RPG by providing random results for nine polyhedral dice combos on every card.

  • Vulcan Razors - A New Caliber of Shaving

    The Vulcan .50 Caliber Razor is restoring the original standard in shaving. Reclaim your shave through the art of repurposing.

  • Clory Martin: The Live Album

    Clory Martin will play her full set for a live album/film recording at Khons Rooftop on Saturday March 14th 2015.

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors RPG

    Rock, Paper and Scissors on STEROIDS!!!

  • VP Styles: A Future Step into Fashion

    VP STYLES - We represent more than just affordable, chic and stylish designs. We represent CHANGE, PROSPERITY, and COMMUNITY GROWTH.

  • Help Wanted!

    The quest for justice has never made less sense! Follow Cuff Puppy and Boneless Bread as they take on the world of disorganized crime.

  • Project Grail

    I am looking to create a never ending, ever changing MMO that will claw the MMO industry out of the cookie cutter dark ages it is in.

  • Ms.Clean 2.0 The Double

    The MsClean case funded by our first Kickstarter has been a big success. Now it is time for its bigger brother.

  • Chrono Legends 1999 3-D

    Play with your friends on FB and 360 degrees of searching, fighting, questing.