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  • "God is within" finding the soul through native eyes

    I am writing a book about Hawaii, myself, and the connection to god. The true reason behind public pushback. The battle within for GOD.

  • Water the documentary film about crowd funding!

    After watching the Hobit I realized I can't make a real movie to my slandered but I can make a documentary on how hard it is.

  • HydroFoil SailBoat for kids to design, construct, sail.

    This is to fund a HydroFoil SailBoat for kids to design, construct, sail.

  • The Unseen Becomes a Reality

    After years of development and hard work we are finally ready to create this and get it to print with your help

  • Hawaii Nights

    Producing a never seen before professional quality photographic documentary of the night sky in all inhabited islands of Hawaii.

  • The Oceanographers' Debut Album

    With music inspired by adventure, love, and loss; The Oceanographers transport you to the bottom of the sea. Help fund the full-length.

  • Eternal Fire Fundraiser

    We are creating an album to ignite the internal flames with Eternal Fire. Help Jus Wright's conscious reggae music reach new heights.

  • HawaiiCon 2015

    Which stars to bring to HawaiiCon 2015? We need the help of Whovians, Scapers, Browncoats, and Gaters to decide!

  • Beautiful Indigo Shibori Leather Bags Handmade in Hawaii

    I create bags that are so beautiful you'll want to use them everyday for everything and so strong you can. Indigo and Leather!

  • The Stars Are My Kin

    2nd feature film by Grototote. A street performer prepares to return home to the moon; a film about connecting and finding your craft

  • Bub n'da Smack Dab's epic debut release

    Fun, thought provoking, musical & catchy with flavors & influences from all over the world-- spanning the last 5 decades.

  • SoPupuka Apparel Launch

    Fun, fresh apparel for people who love Hawaiʻi!

  • Mix Your Match! Handcrafted Jewelry

    MAHALO! We did it!!!!! Jewelry you can mix and match. No two pieces are identical, not even the earrings!

  • Hawaiian Paradise Dance Camp where dance, science and history meet!

    HPDC will provide an environment where Hawaiian and Mainland kids can exchange dances, perspectives, and the unique challenges facing todays youth.

  • Merrie Monarch, here we come!

    8 ladies from Maryland are traveling to Hilo, HI to dance on the biggest stage in hula!

  • Glass studio from the ground up

    We are building a glass studio to do large glass lights. Our current studio is 15 yrs old and needs rebuilding. It is holding us back!

  • Subjective Expressions (Hawaii film)

    Film focusing on forgetting the exterior and exploring within. Revolving around characters of the traditional theater. Shot in Hawaii



  • Hawaii Rainforest Orchid Project

    Photographs of orchids, nurtured by bunnies, grown in the Hawaii rainforest will be offered to investors.

  • "the Brain Eaters" Collaborative Album

    the Brain Eaters is a cooperation of underground hip hop figures: Bliss, DeeAre, Son of Saturn, YedidYah, DeeDalimbless, & Many More!