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  • Project We Love
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    Dumbing of Age: Sixth Book Collection

    Dumbing of Age is a webcomic about college and making bad choices.

  • RPG Jelly Plush Kickstarter

    Role Playing Game inspired Jellyfish and Sea Creature Plushies. Form your party and save the realms with your mystic powers!

  • Every Runner Poops

    Let's face it. Every Runner Poops.

  • Baked Goods For Baked People

    Gain some entrepreneurial experience by selling baked goods to my campus area and furthering my love of baking.

  • Dinner's At 4:30

    Using guile, wisdom, and dentures, prepare yourself... The slowest tornado of chaos is coming! Don't be late... Dinner's At 4:30!


    Xceptional Teen Magazine (XTM) is an educational print publication published quarterly to engage, educate and empower teens.

  • Off the Block at the 2017 NCAA Tournament

    Off the Block needs your help to be on-site at the NCAA Tournament this year to provide the most in-depth coverage of the matches.

  • Do Jung Ishu

    Help the Art of Fighting move to our new location!

  • The StoryTeller: A Tribute to 16-bit RPG's

    We are working on a 5-in-1 RPG game infusing our love for JRPG's of the 90's into 5 great stories with different mechanics and styles!

  • Kate's Crusade - The Cancer Fighting Video Game

    Join the fight against cancer! Fight your own cancer or help a friend or family member fight theirs.

  • Nerdcore rappers 2d6 present 17 tracks of geeky hiphop!

    Nerdcore legends 2d6 are recording their 6th album! Songs about conventions, alternate universes, & much more! Whole album for just $1!

  • READY Publication Mentorship Publishing Initiative

    Two-day READY publishing mentorship for high school girls. The girl's articles will be published nationally in a special issue of READY

  • Farewell To Kings | Slow Fade

    Tim, Ethan, & Brock spent the last year writing and recording some new sounds and ideas... Now they're ready to launch the album!

  • Hang It Up: An Anthology

    Support 20 artists in this lingerie-themed art book!

  • Sister Entreprenuer's Snoball Startup/Food Truck

    We are three sisters that decided to start our own New Orlean's style Snoball (shaved ice) food truck/stand in Columbus, OH.

  • Stories of Unknown Lives (SoUL)

    I want to contribute to human enlightenment by recording and freely publishing deep interviews with people who have never been famous.

  • Jealousy

    The rise and fall of the angel, Lucifer.

  • Project We Love
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    Breakfast With Nick's guidebook to breakfast in Columbus, featuring old school diners, upscale brunches, coffee shops, & donut joints!

  • Project We Love

    Meet Imbue, a small creative tool that attaches to your sketchbook. It replaces rulers, t squares, triangles, and compasses on the go!

  • Project We Love
    40222bfb106f49679286eced6317bd3a original

    One Quechua family clings to their roots in the Andes Mountains, trying to hold together as globalization pulls at their dreams.