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  • High-quality pictures to decorate your home or office

    Working & living spaces don't need to be boring! Decorate your rooms, office, or any common area with our best photographs.

  • Face the Dragon - Addressing the Opiate Epidemic in America

    An interactive dragon for use as an education and prevention tool in the war on opiate and prescription drug addiction.

  • Action Builder Flashcards for Students with Autism

    Action builder cards will help students with autism increase their understanding and use of actions. Lets help students communicate!

  • Defend The Woods EP

    Funding for "Defend The Woods" EP and partnership with Lamon Records Nashville.

  • Lost in the Static

    I am funding my thesis film for college, to get costumes and equipment necessary for its completion.

  • The Black Firefighter, Series I

    I am creating a book about Black Firefighters. The goal of the project is to donated the books to inner city schools.

  • Blood Stripe, A Spouse's Story

    The wife of a Veteran suffering from PTSD battles to find her way back to the husband she married - offering hope to others.

  • Homemade fresh dog food, Cleveland OH

    Know what your dog is eating, and know that it's good.

  • Three Girls Cupcake Shoppe- Love In a Tub

    Over 30 flavors of the most mouth watering frosting your tongue has ever touched!

  • The Art of Joseph Freistuhler

    A collection of my favorite original art from the last couple of years, filled with superheroes, monsters, zombies, and lots of skulls.

  • Project We Love
    D8a159d128defb572801ec695895d389 original

    A thoughtfully designed, wallet-sized, multi-tool—made with the highest quality stainless blade steel, CPM S35VN.

  • Project We Love
    63defcf3cc78f8cb49f24deb5dd6230b original

    First ever art book for Cleveland artist Scott Radke presenting 20 years of works with symbology and iconography based analysis.

  • Project We Love
    D6fa3a39bd9d0abd8f425534bdcc1a80 original

    A film directed by: Joe Siebert Produced by: Todd Bemak

  • Project We Love
    D6aeb9c20bdb601c719f8fc1178a59e3 original

    Dice of Awesome creates some of the coolest and most awe inspiring dice on the planet . Welcome the Wizard's Gambit Dice set!

  • Project We Love
    F05c0e04c7235a9de1a685524a742b56 original

    929 folks helped artist Len Peralta create 55 brand new Geek A Week cards and reprint of Season 1. Plus, they turned it into a game. It was awesome.

  • Project We Love
    2ff8cf9f5b4dd42eb8ad70aee4439361 original

    Artists LigoranoReese are melting down The American Dream at the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer.

  • Project We Love
    D18e39bf9f7c1cc93247ef2224afa5a7 original

    Need a few extra pockets? Bolstr is the perfect crossbody bag for guys and their smart phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses, and just a few more items. One of a kind and well reviewed by backers and customers.

  • Project We Love
    748a77bca98c641b79ad91a7aea51bad original

    A coloring book full of abstract patterns to get the creative juices flowin’.

  • Project We Love
    81fa3892cd17611944d9769d1a00f508 original

    Say hello to your desk's best friend. A creative solution to desk organization that fits any work space.

  • Project We Love
    F343c6c0b812294c240437a62bdc13ad original

    This project has a more edgier more mature sound than any of our previous work. We are so excited about this new material.