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Explore 6 live projects

  • Tote Bag Productions: Talking Machines

    Talking Machines is a podcast about the reality of machine learning research. Help us make a second season!

  • Out of the Blue Needs You! Save the Arts in Central Square!

    Music, performance, poetry, and visual arts: support culture and community at a fun, dog-friendly gallery in Greater Boston!

  • Eleanor and the Tasties album release!!

    Tasties full length out this Fall! Can you, our awesome Tasty fans help us reach our goal? I promise..its going to be good.

  • "Velveteen Realist" – Sam Cook-Stuntz's debut folk album!

    There comes a time in every man's life when he holes up in a home attic studio in Salem to record his first full-length folk album.

  • KneePh: The World's First Knee-based Phone Holder

    Nif - a wearable mechanism that allows you to use your mobile phone or tablet more conveniently.


    There's no greater feeling then to feel apart of a community, family, an environment where you have family & friends a place to belong!

  • The premier first-person destructive cat simulator. Play as a cooped-up house cat and knock stuff onto the floor!

  • The Freedom Chair empowers people with disabilities to move beyond the pavement. Join us in redefining mobility around the world.

  • Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.

  • Buca Boot combines the flexibility of a bike basket with the storage security of a car trunk. Stop worrying about your stuff and go! Learn more and order your own at

  • Coding is the new literacy. With ScratchJr, young children (ages 5-7) learn to program their own interactive stories and games. Want to download the app? See

  • A DIY kit for a solid-state Tesla coil that plays music, shoots 2-foot-long sparks, and teaches you electronics.

  • StandStand is the only truly portable standing desk. Use it anywhere you work to transform a table or desk into a standing desk. For sale now at

  • "Exit Zero" weaves a portrait of one family as it explores a Rust Belt community’s struggles with job loss and environmental pollution.

  • We are a collective of amazing storytelling radio shows. Let's remake public radio together.

  • Photographs from the intersection of the N 40° latitude with each degree of longitude across the United States. From New Jersey to California.

  • Two MIT geniuses clash in an escalating war of high-tech pranks and egos in an alpha-nerd fraternity. Inspired by actual events.

  • A rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators. For PC & Mac.

  • A beautiful collection of (temporary) literary tattoos, and a chance to join the World's Longest Tattoo Chain.

  • A translation of a unique 17th-century compendium of samurai heraldry, annotated with the symbolism and stories behind the banners.