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  • Combo FX Analog Guitar Pedal Business

    Who said that pedals should be on the ground? Why should there only be 1 analog effect in each pedal enclosure? Let's bend the rules.

  • Chico and Rico

    Chico and Rico is a children's book series about two brothers who learn valuable lessons from their adventures!

  • Catch Me Up - by William Shatner

    Reinvent yourself at any age with "Catch Me Up" - the new book and website by William Shatner. The future is bright!

  • Animation Dock - the Vintage Animation Desk for Tablets

    Celebrate the Golden Age of Animation with a traditional animation desk designed for non-traditional dreamers and doers.

  • THE WORLD OF CASSYNO - Playing Cards by BENGAL

    A stunning deck of playing cards featuring character art, world fiction, and original card games designed by the celebrated artist!

  • Bleeding Heart

    A Steampunk-spiced short comic about an injured werewolf, an amateur mad scientist, and (mostly) good intentions.

  • Soundlazer

    The Open Source, Hackable Parametric Speaker. Focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head!

  • Club Caveman: movie-quality animation in an app

    Club Caveman is an interactive experience combining high-quality animation with touch gestures and voice recognition technology.

  • Bakerman & The Bunnymen! - 1920s-style cartoon

    In this black and white cartoon, a baker is cannibalized by his creations. It's an homage to Max Fleischer and cartoons of the 1920s.

  • Inside Room #334

    Inside Room 334 is a hot web series that taps into the life of a hotel employee who has planted a camera in the peephole of room 334.

  • STUDS Collectible Trading Cards

    STUDS is a trading card series that profiles the men and women who use Lego to build incredible, original pieces of art.

  • Lucy's Cabin - Handmade Soy Candles

    Lucy's Cabin is raising money to fund inventory production for the upcoming holiday season!

  • Skidmarks: A Mini Comic Collection

    178 page graphic novel collecting humorous tales of adventure and mayhem from Adventure Time designer Derek Hunter.

  • Charlie Kaufman's Anomalisa

    From Charlie Kaufman, writer of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, comes Anomalisa his first animated film

  • Nosferatu -- The Feature Film Remix

    A feature-film "remix" of the original horror classic NOSFERATU starring Doug Jones as the infamous Count Orlok!

  • Slither by Matthew J. Levin

    Inspired by Allen William's concept art, I sculpted Slither. Now I want it cast in resin to preserve and share it.


    Zombie Murder Explosion Die! is a new animated series that guarantees each of those 4 things in every episode!

  • I Can See Your Beauty

    These are my drawings and love letters to you. Because I can see your beauty... exactly as you are!

  • Keeping it Glassy!

    Together, we can take my glass art from the "garage to the gallery". As an incentive, you'll receive handmade, original glass artwork.

  • What the Food?! game

    It's a cafeteria food fight to the death! (actually, you'll live but you won't ever forget that beefsteak tomato upside the head...)