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  • Project We Love
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    Coily Haired Daughters: Natural hair care simplified

    Finally, a system to simplify natural hair care for all! Everything you need to embrace your coils none of the tears!

  • the FAVELA ALLEY ART project


  • Healthy Skin Care by Natural Food Products - Platform

    People are more and more looking for natural products, as well for food as well for body and skin care, starting inside.

  • Prijedor'92

    Künstlerische Teil des Projekts eine Denkmalinstallation. Luftgeformte halbkugelförmige Installation...

  • Les gens qui...

    Un voyage à l'intérieur du système nerveux d'un homme dont le mercure a débordé! La cause : la marche infernale de son quotidien...

  • JA - an abstract theatre performance

    A performative installation inspired by Josef Albers, the concept of abstractness and unicorns.

  • Argui's First EP

    I'm Argui, a young electronic music producer. I want to release my first EP. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Be Positive Wear, Burning desire to have a positive attitude

    Burning desire to be a little bit more positive everyday. Wear it out! An attitude which makes a difference in the world. Casual

  • Project We Love
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    Pozyx is an Arduino-compatible platform that provides centimeter accurate positioning and motion information both indoor and outdoor.

  • Project We Love
    B80c6ddb3d2f9cd9af937bd5c64a2534 original

    A playful figurine based music player that anyone can use, anywhere, anytime. Great for kids, no screen in sight, easy on parents.

  • Project We Love

    Keep your herbs healthy all year round and enjoy fresh and creative cooking with Calla.

  • Project We Love
    93fe877d5d338f23e8d0c9540be074cc original

    A two-part installation titled SWAMP MEAT with Abilene Gallery for the POPPOSITIONS Off Fair in Brussels from April 18 – 21, 2013.

  • Project We Love
    849756e1c6e786b6c70640c784d0ac69 original

    Overnight Generation is a portrait of Sarajevo and a tribute to its young citizens, who had to grow overnight, while we were asleep.

  • Project We Love
    Cfc729ee14dca4984480bd2d3f5bb398 original

    MOOD is a magazine about music and food. We have one issue online and now we want to go to print. Join us!

  • Project We Love
    5559cec13e6c0d0761321d57ae748659 original

    An illustrated children's book about solitude and self-reflection, but also about community and finding one's place in the world.

  • Project We Love
    Cf4e5183cee510daefb62dba1d3a5378 original

    I will draw your house as well as 99 other houses from all over the world. Together these 100 houses will form a city. Vector City!

  • Project We Love
    F556cf491b2e34b03729812b5e97d0e0 original

    Argo is a space station crawler, with a big puzzle aspect and a unique "not-cooperative but you have to behave" twist.A game by Serge Laget and Bruno Faidutti.

  • Project We Love
    37138b01f5253743dad0aa5126c18e60 original

    The robot programming game by Philippe Keyaerts - designer of Small World, Vinci, Evo and Olympos. 36 plastic Miniatures!

  • Project We Love
    72cda740bdbb8addfa86321fa81ff623 original

    [STAFF PICK] DEER LORD! is a party card game with duels and bizarre things for you to do without being exposed by the other players

  • Project We Love
    Ccaf8ca4ad965b689bb7070e26ce9552 original

    ''We were told this project was impossible. We did it anyway !''