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  • Stay Out of My Dungeon!

    A fun 4-6 player worker placement, hidden identity, building game.

  • GRIPsher - The Formidable Compact Multi-Tool

    GRIPsher is a robust and unique multitool offering unparalleled functionality and a program to give it to military members for free!

  • Project We Love
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    Simple Sea EP by Skylar Kergil

    "Simple Sea" will be an EP of songs by Skylar Kergil, a transgender activist, Youtuber, poet and musician.

  • Project We Love
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    The Battle of Greenland

    100 backers - super stretch goall!!! A new album by Dan Cloutier full of snow, ice, life, hope, hospital rooms, one wolf, and more!

  • Zane Durand: Child of Esparth (Novella)

    Zane's life is changed forever when he is taken from his home world and forced into servitude by an infamous crew of pirates.

  • The Body of the People

    An art project made of drawings of protesters documented by the artist. An attempt to bridge the social divisions between people.

  • HubPiWi Blue - Pi Zero Add On Wifi + Bluetooth + 3 USB Ports

    The HubPiWi Blue is a add-on to the Raspberry Pi Zero. It has 3 USB ports along with a WiFi and a Bluetooth.

  • No Regerts: The Game of Art and Poor Life Choices

    No Regerts is a fast-paced card game where you compete against your friends to become the most badass while making them more lame.

  • CM Firger // FALL 2016 Crewnecks

    By popular demand, my crewneck sweatshirts are back, this time with a new design for Fall/Winter 2016. Pre-order here!

  • Mike Mulligan and his Obsolete Shovel

    Mike Mulligan evades government regulators and a meddling little boy as he refuses to decommission his obsolete coal-burning shovel.

  • Room in Room - Add a Versatile Room Right onto Your Bed

    Sleep Deeply. Be warm and cozy. Help your kids go to bed feeling safe. Enjoy your private laptop station and watch movie.

  • IF Anthology: SUPER POWERS

    The acclaimed IF anthology is back with 100 creators joining forces on 40 diverse and unique stories of the (super) human condition

  • Kids Reading Armenian

    I'm creating Armenian board books (with transliterated text) for children and parents who want to learn and read Armenian.

  • Talisman Crafting Workshop

    For Boston's Art Week, I'm hosting a space for new or experienced makers to handcraft protective clay talismans for personal adornment.

  • Spotlight Musicals

    Spotlight Musicals is a publisher of unique musicals written especially to be performed by young people.


    The LGBTQ indie returns! While shapeshifting, Lily gets stuck in her mother's body. Can Lily accept how she came to be and who she is?

  • Bantu The Heart & We're To Blame

    We can't be gorilla hypocrites in a time where they need us the most. One gorilla down, we mourn. Two gorillas down, we take action.

  • Parts Unknown

    Parts Unknown is a feature length horror movie that takes place in the violent world of pro-wrestling.

  • G.I. Germ Fighters - Base Camp

    Battle the sort-of-evil and sometimes smelly SUPER VILLAIN "Dirty Duke" in this epicly coolio 2 player card driven board game!

  • Bicycle Samsara & Sky Descender Playing Cards

    4 decks of unique playing cards inspired by ancient Chinese concepts. Choose from either Bicycle branded or unbranded. Printed by USPCC