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  • LinesLab custom made art for everyone

    Personal illustrations from photos, which are draw by a plotterbot with a pen.

  • Project We Love
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    Triple tribute album with rock/metal covers of themes from The Last Ninja™ game series, a live concert and concert Blu-Ray.

  • Project We Love
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    What is your one true wish? The story follows 3 different people on a journey to overcome their fears in order to reach their dream.

  • Norway's most funded watch in crowdfunding history! Follow the journey below!

  • A food truck looking to inspire people to eat healthy sustainable food, without harming animals. Join the vegan movement!

  • Project We Love
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    Råvarene is introducing a new way of grocery shopping. We aim to challenge how we shop today by raising awareness and love for food.

  • To inspire the hearts of others in LIFE LOVE & DREAMS, help me record these new songs & make an album for my 30th birthday in Norway!

  • Major Parkinson is making their 4th studio album - the band's most alluring and musically ambitious work so far.

  • Thule: Lucifers Manifest is a dispicably funny, satirical sci-fi thriller for adults. Think you know this world? You dont know shit.

  • Sedansored is going to release a new album next year.

  • Høsten 2016 lanserer vi et nytt, moderne og eksklusivt strikkemagasin. Støtt oss, så vi kan realisere drømmen vår!

  • Language of Clouds is a duet based in Bergen, Norway. They are now ready to start recording their first album thanks to your great support!!

  • A game about mental illness, a girl and her online friend. It's an open world RPG with a fun new way to battle.

  • Vi vil forandre Norden. Bringe os tættere sammen end vi nogensinde har været. Aldrig har det været vigtigere at kende sin nabo.

  • We salute the known and unknown Norwegian heroes by portraying them through innovative posters. #ViHyller

  • We are heading to Bergen Norway to premiere our new opera IT'S ALL TRUE at Borealis Festival this March!

  • Snais slipper debutalbum. Derfor vil vi gi deg som fan mulighet til å få den på CD & LP. For å få dette til trenger vi ca 35 000 NOK

  • Hi! We are Seven Impale and we recently recorded our second album! It will be a double album, and we're in need of some financing.

  • I'm trying to establish my first exhibition in my hometown Bergen.

  • Thank you for supporting us! :)

  • Project We Love
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    A 2D isometric, tactical, steampunk cRPG, Inspired by "The Temple of Elemental Evil(2003)" and "Baldurs Gate (1998)"

  • Sweet Rain

    Sweet Rain brings the magic of the contemporary desserts seasoned with flavors from the Norwegian nature.

  • rodswing real fishing tournament online, fishing app

    This application will totally change the way we were fishing. Now you will be able to win some prizes, just by taking a picture of fish

  • Green Ocean Challenge

    A unique environmental project ran by 5 curious children going to 26 countries in 26 months visiting schools and more to save the world