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  • Project We Love
    41b63023e711ae585dfcf94ddc93681f original

    For $500, I'll put a 4,000 word short story on my website with a CC license. For $1100, you get another 5,000 words!

  • Project We Love
    7e01a9dcb286e0d1e0406fd928fe2517 original

    Everything Beeswax! We Make Candles, Soaps, and other Beeswax Products!

  • Project We Love
    2fab449c92d0abc2ca7846aa276f5744 original

    Help a lover of creative T-shirts get one out into the world! THE MASTER WOULD APPROVE!

  • Project We Love
    D0011bdbf3a0cb5a66b675346cd90c30 original

    $310 ransoms out 3100 words of face-punching, badge-waving, morals-corrupting hardboiled fiction, for everyone, for all time.

  • Project We Love
    F5084c0bba2b6765ac995c4cdb3ba1c4 original

    The fans of REIGN made their requests, and I have replied. Support this project to get exciting new rules and background exposition.

  • Project We Love
    6640b71534aafdca5f4a53a4587493e7 original

    If you've read "Mask of the Other," you can fund a short story sequel. If you haven't, you can get the novel AND fund the sequel.

  • Project We Love
    6655bc4aaa025e7d56fc9af31d77f445 original

    Get an 80,000 word novel about a smart-alec supervillain and his lifetime of hassles.

  • Project We Love
    Cdc1cd8ff59e6a32768ba1316e9e62d6 original

    An exotic, collaborative, open-source, and action-oriented game designed from the ground up for anime-style storytelling and combat.

  • Project We Love
    833c5ce68113ea44c5439cf3443ffc86 original

    I've put out a lot of free fiction through KS: Now I want to release it all again in new formats.

  • Project We Love
    E3e48c3a2c214d9d1afe6eea5338b86e original

    A novel calculated to dent your brain -- magical realism from the lead writer of UNKNOWN ARMIES

  • Project We Love
    0fcf385808f56e085ae525d4a15b935d original

    We're reissuing the 77s classic album "Pray Naked" on CD & Vinyl and we need your help!

  • Project We Love
    92f9dab617d78a637bf1360eabb57d3a original

    Immortal Power! Two boardgames in one: fast, tactical, and entertaining Basic Mode, & strategic, detailed, and cunning Advanced Mode.

  • Your immortality is not in question. But what will you do with your new power now that you're trapped in the World of the Forsaken?

  • Project We Love
    34a6ae52cce0d80bbd15c7047af3f966 original

    Five Fantasy Fonts! Rectilinear Ruvahl, Nefarious Noxzuat, Elegant Eirhavir, Greco-roman Guldroun, and Asian Akahake.

  • You get four 90+ minute podcasts of a new science fiction game, TERMINATION SHOCK.

  • Get an early price break on a collection of short stories, mostly terrifying.

  • If I meet my goal, I release a very weird short story under a creative commons license, for everyone, online forever.

  • Pre-order a PDF or physical copy of the tabletop roleplaying game "Dinosaurs... in SPAAACE!"

  • Candi's Carryall Dice Bags - A unique, stylish, custom update to the classic gaming dice bag!

  • I have a 5000 word Bronze Age horror story in the HP Lovecraft vein. If funded, I'll release it free online with a CC license.

  • Use REIGN to fling mankind into conflict with psychic ETs who regard us as, at best, 'murder apes' and, at worst 'OUR murder apes.'

  • Pay me $530 and I'll release a creepy Lovecraftian short story under a CC license, in perpetuity.

  • I've written a novel for the game "13th Age." Pelgrane Press would like to print it.

  • The Tokyo Project is a 9-track benefit album of original music with the purpose to support a church plant in Tokyo, Japan.