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  • Project We Love
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    "The Alt-Right, Trump & Me" a Book by Mike Malloy

    Mike's been battling alt-right fascists on the radio/internet for decades. Now, with your help, he's writing a book for the resistance.

  • Project We Love
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    Prisma & the Masquerade Menace

    Prisma & the Masquerade Menace is a challenging, side-scrolling puzzle platformer set in a colorful multi-dimensional world.

  • The Pirate Republic

    A swashbuckling board-game adventure for 1–5 players eager for pirates, pillage, and plunder on the high seas of the Spanish Main.

  • Moonlight Kisses

    Moonlight Kisses will focus on the families touched by suicide; a husband, wife, mother, father, siblings. We all know someone hurting.

  • Deception Belt

    The Deception Belt is an innovative belt with app capability, designed to assist any user gain control over their appetite.

  • DEEP

    DEEP is a feature film premiering in November about a transgender female trying to pledge in a sorority.

  • Project Sonata: CREATION's Physical Album

    Sonata is the face of Project Sonata, an UTAU-based charity fund. We donate proceeds gained from album sales to various charities!

  • SchoolDaze: Please Support Us & Give

    SchoolDaze is a free, innovative and easy-to-use app that will make the lives of school kids, parents and teachers easier than ever!

  • Feel My Pain, an emotional film to help stop bullying.

    We are rising actors who will make an emotionally impactful film that will end bullying, and promote general love and kindness.

  • The Amaranth Murders - A Tabletop Web Series

    An RPG following a group of vampires who must solve a mystery. These vamps are unqualified and in over their heads.

  • Don't Do Drugs

    A wildly entertaining exploration into the minds of various drug users.

  • Hide & Seek Interactive Plush Toy & Book

    Interactive plush toy based on lovable characters/Book/Kevin Whitlark & Charles Cummings-Inventor-Easy Bake Oven-Baby Alive-Spirograph

  • Startup!: The Game

    Startup! is a tycoon style game where you run the next big startup. As the CEO, you call the shots as you take your team from 0 to IPO

  • Cinematic Shenanigans Funding

    Cinematic Shenanigans is a Webseries that focuses on putting goofy situations into a very cinematic and or overly dramatic form.

  • AJ Ghent Band - First Studio EP

    AJ Ghent & his band continue to work day & night complete the new EP for 2017. This is your chance to be part of making it happen!!

  • On The Play - Magic: The Gathering Series

    On the Play is a web series that revolves around a group of friends who meet up each week to play the card game Magic: The Gathering.

  • Black Sheep Tavern + Oyster Room

    Black Sheep! Classic Tavern, Bomb Sandwiches, Approachable Oysters. Never Mixologists, Always Bartenders!

  • "Adventures with Mariah!" An Emerging Literacy software app

    A culturally diverse, research-based, standards aligned and FUN reading readiness program to engage "Digital Age Early Learners"

  • Mason Massey Racing

    Mason's racing career is a journey to promote dream chasing even with the toughest personal obstacles in your way.

  • Cuffin Season the Series

    Bringing back the feel of 90's sitcoms as well as targeting every aspect of black lives that go overlooked on a daily!